Obama Knocks on Wood with 2 Months To Go – Says His Administration Has Been Scandal Free

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  2. Fast & Furious was a vast right wing conspiracy I tell ya!

    Arab Spring? What’s that?

    Inventing a secret e-mail address to communicate with Hillary’s illegal e-mail Server? I only heard about that on the news!

    Lois Lerner and the IRS attacking all of my political opponents? Shocked to hear this I tell ya, shocked! (wink wink nod nod)

    What’s this that I gave Iran pallets of cold hard American currency at the same time 4 hostages were released by Tehran? Hey coincidences happen you know!

    My 9000 rounds of golf and my family vacationing all over the world all the time on your time? Hey Bush played golf and went to Texas all the time!

  3. All it would take is for just one fucking reporter to stand up and call him a liar.

    But watch Tapper or Wallace lay into Pence or Reibus this past weekend. Then Schumer takes his cock out so Wallace get blow kisses at it. Fucking disgrace. Never once did I see Obama/Jarrett on the receiving end of questioning like that.

  4. i am simply incredulous at how obama speaks

    as billy fuster commented, with the support of the msm, he has stayed “clean” on scandals, and is “not” culpable for the 95 million out of work, struggle of the middle class to survive, black-on-black murders, cop killings, more divisiveness than ever, border chaos, worsening of the international relations and middle east, etc etc could go on forever

    he is a study in narcissism and with no leadership skill whatsoever, has escaped 8 years of retreat with no accountability, blamed bush for the first four, congress for the next four, and will blame trump for anything that happens henceforth

    what a delusional, self-centered empty suit, shame on his electorate and the real fraud of the press that covered for him every step of the way

    we are all the wiser now, fuck you very much

  5. Watch the first 2 minutes of that video, if you can stand it. Barry talks about his *investment sacrifices* that he made in order to honor the Presidential office. He also plays the poor, poor me card. And then he bought a 5th house….He’s insane!…

  6. He doesn’t think any of the perverse, disgusting, bizarre, vile, twisted shit his people are involved in is controversial/newsworthy. Nothing to see here. So twisted. He is so out of touch with what real people believe in and care about. So twisted he probably actually believes this. Sooner out, the better.

  7. Well it would appear that Obama’s definition of scandal is considerably different then honest peoples. The entire liberal/left seems to hate Trump so if I were him I’d just say f*ck it and work with congress to create a few investigation panels to review Obama’s tenure as President with a view to uncovering incompetence, political meddling/payoffs, influence peddling and any other hijinks that went on whether Obama was aware or not. The media would scream and try to spin but by the end Obama would be revealed as the not-so-bright, lazy, shiftless and corrupt community organiser that he is. A few side benefits would be exposing Jarret, Ayers, Soros and a host of others to the bright light of day and maybe their own, personal visit with an honest DOJ and FBI (and maybe Correctional Services).

  8. Scandal free? Whoooo-wee…

    Alrighty, then!

    I would challenge him to put his money where sizable mouth is, then, and grant NO PARDONS to himself or ANY CURRENT OR FORMER MEMBERS OF HIS AD-MENSTRUATION.

    Just close it out and turn over the reigns to the Trump regime.

    Not a care in the world, right? They should all be sleeping like babies after 1/20/2016, what with all of the transparency they were so famous for.

    Bring it, big-mouth.

  9. @Chiefillinicake — I’m elated to see your avatar! Missed you so much for the past several months. Did I miss your IOTWR homecoming? I’d be embarrassed if you’ve been commenting again for a while and I just didn’t see it.

  10. Yeah, that whole State Dept. thing with hillary, for example, wasn’t his scandal or anything because he doesn’t work in that department.

  11. No scandals. Lovely, just lovely.

    That would mean no forth coming pardons for anyone who worked for you for the past 8 years. Lovely, just lovely.

  12. And as long as NO ONE, not one American,
    has meaningfully called out this blaspheming, fornicating, destroyer of all that is decent,
    we are all covered in his feces.
    God damn Congress for not impeaching this asswipe 7 years ago!

  13. $1,700,000,000.00 in cash, unmarked bills, sent secretly to a hostile state Just because CNN doesn’t call it a scandal, it’s still one hellava crime.

  14. Barry is obviously far from normal. Scandals don’t exist in his narcissistic world because that would mean he’s not in control. Barry’s definition of scandal does not include the disastrous effect he’s had on the United States or his personal hypocrisies – those are successes according to Obama.
    Not being able to harangue, intimidate opponents to keep his so called “locked down” policies he’s implemented would be the closest thing to scandal for the Despot in Chief.

  15. Abigail,

    As it happens, this is my first post in many, many months, so you’ve missed nothing, at least from me!

    I sorta tapped out when the Cruz/Trump war stopped being humorous and decayed into open rancor among the inmates here.

    And then the format changed. It all started to seem…foreign.

    I come here to try to both give and receive entertainment, and I found that all it was doing was harming my work productivity and raising my blood pressure. So, so many commenters were reduced to such disappointing ass-hattery regarding my man DJT that it was actually bringing me down.

    Since I believe that not just we Trumpeteers, but the whole world, dodged a major bullet on November 8th, and since my face actually hurts from all of the smiling I’ve done since then, I figured I’d stick my big toe back into the IOTW pool.

    It’s warm…who pee’d in the IOTW pool? Fess up, Cruzites!

    In any event, thanks for the warm welcome back. You’re a good egg.

  16. ChiefilliniCake — I think I was there when you said you were hanging up the phone until at least after the election. Bummed me out because you were/are such an even-keeled sort, but I understood (had to quit a few times for periods, myself). But great that you’re back! In fact Geoff C. The Saltine and I were just again pondering your whereabouts. Must have been on the airwaves. You’re a “good egg” too, friend.

    Isn’t it something how you just can’t stop smiling?!

  17. Abigail/Geoff C.-

    I liken the last few weeks since Trump’s (and Flyover America’s) victory to living inside a giant life-sized Advent Calendar where each day, we get to run downstairs and rip open a new window or door with today’s date on it, and inside lies another shiny golden prize of a dream cabinet appointment, or maybe an ideological enemy going abso-fruitly mouth-foaming batshit, and even and filming their meltdown (!) for our repeated viewing pleasure as we nearly convulse laughing at what feckless pusstards they’ve always been, or perhaps it will be the promise of a worthless and abusive government Agency that’s about to be taken out at the knees, and I pop that candy news into my grinning maw and work the beautiful reality of it around in my mind like an intellectual all-day sucker that lasts clean out until bedtime.

    Or something like that.

  18. And, of course, Hillary won the election.

    : a theory holding that the self can know nothing but its own modifications and that the self is the only existent thing; also, extreme egocentrism.

    Barry not only lives in a fantasy land, he creates it.

  19. At least 1 scandal a week and then the last scandal would be run over by another scandal for 8 years running. And we still have 2 months left with Captain Corruption! Jimmy Carter has been replaced as the most incompetent worthless P.O.S. To grace the Oval Office.

  20. Chief-I-C — Man, did you hit the mark! Your description is really quite something. And about letting the new good news roll around in your head, the only analogy that has worked for me up to reading your description is the idea of ‘gutting’ a complicated space in your house like a kitchen. When you are contemplating mere cosmetics you can’t change the function/form. But when you knock walls down and move windows, doors, plumbing and electrical, you can create whatever space you want–making it work the way you want it to work. And between days of rehab you fall into reveries of how that space will look finished and how fabulously well it will all function… anyway..that’s how I’ve experienced the vast changes contemplated by this president-elect.

  21. Moe Tom — Was GFY upset about something? How long gone? I hadn’t noticed a lengthy absence, except now that you mention it. Since the election?

  22. Tommy, I thought I read that she had turned an ankle and wasn’t able to get around. I don’t think she left angry.

  23. It only took me a matter of seconds to come up with these:

    IRS targets Obama’s enemies


    Spying on the AP

    The ATF “Fast and Furious” scheme

    Sebelius demands payment

    The Pigford Agriculture Department Scandal

    The General Services Administration Las Vegas Spending Spree.

    Veterans Affairs in Disney World and neglecting vets


    New Black Panthers Voter Intimidation

    The hacking of Sharyl Attkisson’s computer

    Obama’s LIES about the Affordable Care Act

    “I’ll Pass My Own Laws”

    NSA Spying on American People

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