Obama mannequin in sex shop window drives guy to smash the glass

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16 Comments on Obama mannequin in sex shop window drives guy to smash the glass

  1. good.

    That illegal alien deep state gay muslim plant needs to have his sorry excuse for a face chiseled from EVERY surface known to man in the USA.

    I cannot wait until President Trump unseals ALL of lil barry’s records and proves that his 3 active SS numbers were given to him by the deep state while he was still an illegal alien because that will put the final nail in the coffin of soroto’s american-killing agenda and nullify whatever Trump has not done away with so far.

  2. Can’t remember if I saw it here but somebody linked to a guy’s Twitter report that Obama’s official Twitter account is following some sodomite website.

  3. Grool, that would be “fleshjack barack” you’re thinking of. Just another embarrassment for our lightly-closeted ex-Preezy. In fairness, he did admit that he had to choose between living straight or gay. I imagine we’ll be getting little hints like this for years.

  4. I hope the Obama mannequin wasn’t marred up during the vandals attack, Rahm Emanuel has had that thing on layaway for awhile.

  5. So this must be lil barry’s white mannequin, it sure doesn’t look black to me. It’s even more fake than he is and gimme a break weenie boy doesn’t have ripped muscles. And what’s with the Spock eyebrows?


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