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Obama marches armed forces leftward

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WT: President Obama has become one of the nation’s most successful commanders in chief when it comes to at least one battlefield: the liberal agenda.

In his final months in office, Mr. Obama is leaving a legacy of a more politically correct armed forces, with the top brass squarely behind him, save the Marine Corps.

 Perhaps not since Harry S. Truman’s landmark 1948 order to racially integrate the military has a president unleashed his own collective social revolution on the Pentagon with such success. In the process, the building also has become one of the administration’s loudest voices on battling climate change, even as its ability to fight one major war on schedule is in doubt due to budget cuts.

The White House also has given the Defense Department a gun control mission. And the “white privilege” movement, more

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  1. The first thing Trump will have to do is beg all the warriors Obama fired of forced to resign to come back and fire all the ass kissing liberals that replaced them.

  2. A damaging president and devastatingly inept commander in chief.
    obama has more US blood on his hands than hillary.
    yet, the socialist left remains silent.

  3. This is what worries me about Trump:
    I have yet see demonstrated that he has an understanding regarding the depth of the progressive ideological tentacles in our institutions.
    Either that, or this type of activity just doesn’t register on his “give ‘o shit” meter.

    Obama and his comrades were very ideological and methodical in their selections of czars in education, IRS, Health & Human Services, DOJ, NSC, Homeland Security, Housing, Dept. of Defense, etc. They shaped and nudged this country from every angle towards the extreme liberalism (I never thought I’d see the day men would gain access to women’s restrooms).

  4. Trump said he would force those serving in the armed forces, like my oldest son, to kill innocent women and children for the crime of being related to someone he deemed a terrorist.
    Do you really think he gives a flying middle finger about the military? Like Barry, Trump views them as a tool, a blunt one at that.
    If he wants to put a bullet in a kids head, he should do it himself rather than requiring my son to either do it or face jail and court marshal.

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