Obama might want to scrub this from the internet

You might as well face it. There are going to be a number of these schadenfreude type posts for awhile.

This one with Obama, acting all fierce and smug is a keeper.


29 Comments on Obama might want to scrub this from the internet

  1. Now look who’s going to be tweeting from the peanut gallery, Barky. Are you still going to have a tweet squad composing your tweets for you?

    Still liking your new digs in DC? I hope so. may you be held up in traffic at east once a week by President Trump’s motorcade. And may President Trump change Marine One’s flight path to go over your house daily. Very low.

  2. @ejazzyjeff: Maybe Jimmy “Metrosexual” Fallon will hire him to slow jam Jimmy “Metrosexual” Fallon. Or vice versa.

  3. This pile of excrement doesn’t think we are well aware of the absurdity, and irony when he states Trump is unqualified to be president.

  4. That’s what it’s all been about for Barry – just being pResident of the United States, bad or good, not his concern. Going down…well that’s his normal.

  5. His legacy is that it will take years to clean up all the shit stains he left on America. What a piece of shit.

  6. When netanyahu visits next year, I hope he shares the intelligence they’ve gathered on Barry over the last 8 years. It might come in handy fending off attacks from Valerie Jarrett and the other Obama hyenas. It’s about time to retire her secret service detail, too.

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