Obama Mocks Citizens Concerned That Thousands of Migrants Are Planning To Storm Through Our Border – IOTW Report

Obama Mocks Citizens Concerned That Thousands of Migrants Are Planning To Storm Through Our Border

You don’t have to go too far back to see him lying to constituents about being concerned, himself, with illegal immigration.

24 Comments on Obama Mocks Citizens Concerned That Thousands of Migrants Are Planning To Storm Through Our Border

  1. We’ve been fed that Okey Doke BS from this dunce for 8 years…..enough already.
    The only ones left in the democrat party are socialists, anarchists, marxists, communists, the elite establishment media and the fools who listen to them.

  2. Non-Citizen African mocking citizens over their disdain for more non-citizens entering their country illegally!! What a MAU MAU of a FOOL!

  3. Through man’s history there have been plenty of losers that God has dispatched much faster. That He allows this ass boil to fester, may speak to His dissatisfaction with how we’ve conducted OUR lives these last 70 years.

    obola will face Judgement. The Archangels (in the military sense of their title) eagerly await this dark dork.

  4. Is he playing Hillary Clinton doing a black accent?
    I ain’t in ways tarred. Or is inna nigga coming out?

    He don’t usually okey doke that Phonily. (Is that a word?)

    That clip took me back to the 8 years of depression I suffered under during his caliphate in America.

  5. I need to learn English. I thought “Okey Dokey” was a good thing.

    Looks like he’s snarling. People thought he was being funny?!

  6. “Y’ope”….”Y’ope”….that tic always set my teeth on edge, and somehow, he’s clipped it even more.

    And the squeaky, high pitched voice is a recent manifestation of psychosis. Talk about a racist dog-whistle…

  7. Always interesting to watch the Lefties accuse the Right of Lefty tactics. Projection at its best.

    Over the 8 years of Obama, I had so much anxiety and heard so many lies (has the man no conscience?) that I felt compelled to eat pancakes, made of healthy flour, of course. /sarc (Babs)

  8. Is there a rule that the Dems have that they are no longer relivent they get goofier ,remember Al Gore the quiet slow speaking tree hugger after he lost and went crazy Hillary who just can’t seem to stop and now Obumbles “he’s clean and articulate” going off the deep end . It’s only going to crazier if they lose this election.

  9. Just when I think maybe, just maybe he wasn’t as bad as I thought. But no, he’s amazingly sickening. Damn ass hasn’t learned to speak without stuttering, yet. It’s like his mouth is trying to shut him the hell up.

  10. Thank the stars he’s not in charge, he’d fly them all in on Air Force One and feed them at the White House…

  11. There’s something really screwed up about human nature, in some people, that makes them continue to honor a national leader that was very bad for them, their fellow citizens & their country. BHO is only one example.

    I recently watching a documentary filmed in China a few years ago. In which the homes of a few small villages were entered. It was astonishing to see people’s homes where they still had a picture of Mao hanging on the wall. Mao was terrible, torturing thousands and causing the deaths of an estimated 70 million Chinese. Why anyone would still honor him with his picture in their homes is incomprehensible.

    The same kind of madness seems to lead some people to still listen to Barry 0. But I’m still astonished BO was ever elected even once as president. Twice is beyond understanding.


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