Obama Portrait- Dead Ball

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  1. Years ago, I had some bad flu going on and I took a nap, then I woke up in the dark with the TV playing something called ‘Teenage Mutant Turtles”….I was sure I was Hallucinating. I have the same feeling about this official portrait…..you got to be shittin’ me…

  2. One again, I was working on a house that cnn on all day

    (plus some brutal second hand chainsmoke)

    The idiots were saying “Finally, a young A.A. Girl can

    go into the Gallery…and see someone that looks like them”

    (Mooch) I was like yes…especially if they are 6’3″ and

    weigh 240….Then the donger started speeching…He truly is

    a card carrying moron.

  3. Mooch’s is hilarious (the dress hides ‘her’ dick better), BUT:
    am I the only one who sees NIXON’S EYES
    in Barry’s face?!
    (what an insult to Nixon!)

  4. @Bob, I heard about the “painting” on the radio today and now what you say makes sense as to why Obummer picked that guy to paint him squatting in a chair.

  5. Tired Mom February 12, 2018 at 8:07 pm

    I think Obama looks like he is sitting on the potty. In the woods.

    I’ve already seen photoshopped pics of Obama sitting on a toilet surrounded by mar8ijuana. It’s hilarious!

  6. And this garbage will be in the Smithsonian for ever.
    How frigging Poetic, how Apropo.
    I love it.
    Garbage in Garbage out.


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