Obama praises college protesters, tells daughters to engage on campus

RedAlertPolitics […] The president also says he urges his daughters to be able to listen, as he similarly suggested to campus protesters. Obama emphasized a suggestion he has made before, for students to not be afraid of and shut out opinions they may not agree with.

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Obama ended with saying “I tell you, I trust Malia in an argument. If a knucklehead on a college campus starts talking about her, I guarantee you she will give as good as she gets.”   read more

SNIP: I’m sure he meant  to say, “Secret Service will give as good as she gets.”

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  1. Of course she can argue. She’s probably good at yelling and throwing things too. How will she be, after graduating college, at making an honest living?

  2. Yeah, Barky. And I bet you reared Sausage and Malaria with the same sense of aggrievement and entitlement that you espouse. That “knucklehead” you refer to would likely have good reason to “talk about her.”

  3. Petulant of the Disunited States Obama is really getting pissy lately, ain’t he? I think he’s cracking. Or maybe the AIDS drugs are wearing on him. Either way…

    We should crank it up then!

  4. Given the fact that Malia interned with Lena Dunham’s TV show “Girls,” I think I can venture a guess as to what kind of “engagement” she’ll be involved in on campus.

  5. They aren’t his kids. They are from Central Casting, like Mike Robinsonaka “Michelle”, was.

    Everything you think you know, everything you think you see about “Obama” is bullshit.

    Except, of course, his hatred for America.

  6. College campuses are full of people who just like to protest, and really don’t care what the cause is. I was in college in the late 1970s, and several of my professors stated that they missed the Vietnam protests although the U.S. had been out of Vietnam for a few years. It wasn’t the causes they felt strongly about, it was the marches, the shouting and the random vandalism and violence that accompanied the protests.

    But, to be fair, these ding dongs did find a substitute – the anti-Shah marches and protests. They would dress in their red masks and carry their anti-Savak signs and shout slogans for a couple of hours – they were in heaven. Of course, eventually the Shah left, Ayatollah Khomeni imposed a brutal theocracy, the Middle East became increasingly unstable, and ultimately several thousand people lost their lives, but what does that matter against the happiness of insulated college liberals who find their calling in protests?

    We can analyze the white privilege, black lives matter, free immigration and other questionable causes on some sort of rational basis and find that there is no logical thought behind what these movements stand for or any consideration of future consequences. But having a reason for a cause is secondary to having a reason to feel indignent and protest – that is what this is about.

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