Obama Releases ‘too-Dangerous-to-Be-Released’ GITMO Detainee to a Rehab Program – IOTW Report

Obama Releases ‘too-Dangerous-to-Be-Released’ GITMO Detainee to a Rehab Program

Independent Sentinel: Obama has allowed the conditional release of any extremely dangerous GITMO detainee and you won’t believe the reasons why. He’s “more open”, he is “reconsidering” his crazy ideology, and Kuwait will give him rehab.

kandari leaves gitmo on rehad to kuwait

Obama’s fake GITMO review board just okayed the release of a high risk detainee to Kuwait as long as he gets rehab. The reason? Because the terrorist has been more open and might reconsider his religious views after a life long commitment to al Qaeda and the killing of US soldiers.

Fayez al Kandari, who was detained at Guantanamo since 2002, has been transferred to his home country of Kuwait.  more here

18 Comments on Obama Releases ‘too-Dangerous-to-Be-Released’ GITMO Detainee to a Rehab Program

  1. Suuure. Let the muzzies go. But FIRST. . he has to have a physical examination, with inoculations. .. . to include a slow acting high mortality man made viral disease.
    Have fun, sucker!

  2. Ever notice that these terrorists that are being released all bear a resemblance to obama? The one he released a couple of weeks ago looked like it could have been his uncle. This one looks like it could be a cousin.

  3. FOXNews homepage headline (2:26p, 01-10-16)says Chairman O WILL close Gitmo before leaving office.
    Also (OT) story on EU Times website regarding top U.S. admiral quickly dismissed for leaking story about Obama’s alleged purchase (through the Podesta Group)of a $4+M house in Dubai.

  4. My thoughts exactly Anon.
    And when he’s done being rehabilitated he can go ‘visit’ all the progs and Demmies and Rinos and show them how ‘improved’ he is!
    That’s a Great idea! ?

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