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Obama Sets Sight Toward Single Payer

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  1. Sorry, I refuse to listen to this moron, but I can guess that he says that since O-Care is in trouble, we have to go to single payer. We predicted this feint from the outset.

    O-Care has always been a Trojan Horse to get to single payer and it’s failure is the justification they need to ride in to save us on their white “gubermental” horse.

  2. Everything I have ever wanted I always paid for myself. If I could not afford it I didn’t get it.
    That’s life. That’s how it is. Tough shit.

  3. NPR today ( yes, pain to my ears) said “Not enough young adults are not enrolling in the Obamacare plan”, then went on to say that it’s necessary for them to do so so that the older/sicker will have funding. Socialist Bastards.

  4. Enough of this”single payer” euphemistic BULLSHIT.

    He and his benighted brethren want to take over the whole U.S. med and pharma establishment by force and ration services as conforms to their twisted socioeconomic ideology.

  5. No way I’m listening to him. Like Levin, I’ve impeached him and his transgendered wife out of my life. May his days be cut short

  6. Trouble is it was never a failure. It’s entire purpose was to destroy the insurance companies and the employee insurance relationship. Once they’re destroyed, the sheep will demand government put in place a single payer shitburger.

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