Obama talks about himself 216 times during $3 MILLION Italy speech

American Mirror: If the organizers of the Global Food Innovation Summit paid Barack Obama a reported $3,000,000 to talk about himself, then they definitely got their money’s worth.

During his roughly 100-minute remarks in Milan, Italy, the former U.S. president talked about himself 216 times, according to a count by The American Mirror.

Obama said “I” 168 times, “me” or “my” 40 times, and said “we,” “us” or “our” referring to his family 8 times.

“I have joked before that although I don’t have the good fortune of having Italian ancestry, I do have a name that ends in a vowel,” Obama said towards the beginning of his remarks.

After speaking for about 10 minutes, Obama moved to a conversation with his former chef Sam Kass.

When asked how life is after the White House, Obama continued to focus on himself.  more here


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  1. Next stop the Greek Isles, where Obummer will be with the Boys on MYKONOS and spouse Mike will Sun with the Girls on LESBOS.

  2. Hey. I got an idea. Why don’t we offer to exchange secret agents Obama, Clintons, and McCain if that little dip shit in North Korea promises not to nuke us?

  3. isnt it nice to not hear that grating stuttering voice on the radio/TV every hour of each and every day, like George Orwells Big Brother in 1984?

  4. Can anyone explain these huge speaking fees paid to former presidents? Payback for favors done in office?

  5. Only $13889 per mention? They got a bargain. It cost the US several trillion to listen to this guy talk about himself for eight years.

  6. And WTF does Barky know about “food innovation”? (or anything productive or beneficial, for that matter)
    That queer choomer wouldn’t know if the WH staff spit in every sammich they ever handed him.

    I bet he doesn’t realize his First “Lady” wears a jockstrap that could serve him as a hammock.

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