Obama tells African audience he’s from Kenya

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  1. At first I thought He was drunk…Then I remembered Muzz don’t drink

    He’s as high as a Kaht ?(SP)

  2. Water is wet, the Earth is round, yadda yadda. The Left dosen’t care and the politicians on the Right won’t say a thing about it.

  3. He’s truly insane. The longer he gets to spew his rhetoric the more “Pelosi-ism’s” will be coming forth from his cock holder….

  4. I’m sorry. Didn’t we evict and reject you with extreme prejudice? And you haven’t the self awareness to shut up and go away???

    Let me help you find yourself, madame obama.

    You have been graciously been given the opportunity to disappear and live the life of a rich deposed African king in exile and your only duty is to never speak in public again.

    We fucking hate you.

    We didn’t listen to your vacuous destructive inanity when you held the keys to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave and we hate you even more now, after the evidence of your criminality unfolds.

    Shut up

    Benito’s piano wire wasn’t an exclusive piece of hardware. It’s widely available.

    Kindly unburden us of your ugly presence.

  5. I wonder what he said in the real video. Did you notice how his face got all pixelated just before he said, “to come from Kenya?”


  6. Just a cheap dime-store hoodlum that hit the political lottery. the first black president is a willing tool of the deep state who is allowed to live because of some dim arc of usefulness.
    These deep state douches play at being influential while they abandon solemn oaths as being beneath their altruism.
    They are the progressive rock of Government

  7. Bad Brad – About Bush Sr’s cardiologist getting murdered in a drive by shooting…

    Happens all the time.

    When you need to tie up loose ends.

    I want my country back.

  8. Obama is everything he supported: illegal, gay, muslim jihadi and a racist.
    Also, his Deep State handlers have promised him some kind of protection as long as he is useful. African despots are paying close attention to Barry, and if he plays his part well, he can corral them into supporting Deep State interests.

  9. I’m the first American President to come from Kenya. What will the media do with that? Donald Trump had two scoops of ice cream, what did the media do with that?
    Donald Trump came from Queens, NY, he talks funny. He’s a moron, an idiot, a buffoon. And we who love him are deplorables
    OK Kenyan, give us some information an you college years, your marriage, and the births of your children. Where did you get your Social Security number?
    Hey there is a “Deep StaTE. There is an Obama, Brennan, Clapper, Strzok union. I don’t give a phuck who disagrees with me.

  10. Tommy, my blood pressure has dropped since I stopped watching FOX. And quite honestly there’s no reason to watch anymore. Kimberly Guilfoyle’s awesome breasts and legs no longer appear there. Her little foot flip was hypnotic. To say the least. Not just another awesome set of titties. damn smart woman. I hope she’s a First Lady after DJT terms out.

  11. Bad Brad, yes I also liked Kim Guilfoil , but I think she is on to bigger and better things. If Young Don Trump starts a TV News show?
    Holy Shit!


  12. The shamelessness of the democrat party is both unbelievable and unacceptable.
    They are begging for war….I am willing to oblige.

  13. Whats next: mooochelle was the first male first lady?

    This POS is the fraud we knew him to be. We dodged the bullet from hell. Bless you Donald Trump.

    Damn you, Odumbo, and everyone behind you. Or in your behind.

  14. Cool Barry-O already drove the democrat bus over the cliff…now he is lighting it on fire. He makes rev. Jim Jones look like slacker underachiever in a thousand different ways.

  15. I can’t play the video because it has something about signing off on cookies being used by Twitter.
    Since I’ve never twittered, facebooked, or whatever, I’m certainly not starting now to see an Obama video since I always hit mute or changed channels for eight years to avoid hearing the bastard.
    All I’ve watched were blooper clips of off TelePrompTer ramblings and corpseman bloopers.
    Amazing how the left won’t give our President a single misspoken word without accusations of treason when the Kenyan couldn’t complete a sentence without TelePrompTer.

  16. There you go ‘evolving’ again Barky……

    Come on, be a sport, and admit that Mooch’s a genetically born moose.

  17. Doesn’t this NULLIFY every
    Law he signed
    Every executive order
    Every appointment he made ?

    Or will the corrupt dems claim

    Ex Operae Operato ?!

  18. When he ran for IL State Senate years ago he said during a debate that he was born in Kenya and NOT eligible to be President.


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