Obama vs Obama

obama liar

A mashup of some Obama clips that show a lack of consistency, to say the least.— Dan Joseph.

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  1. We know your working hard, Barry. We see the results of it blooming all over the world… Ferguson, Iraq, Washington DC,…

  2. Sigh. I tried to watch the video. I got to the first lie and skipped ahead of more lies and finally, after about 5 or 6 clicks ahead, heard the last lie. I just couldn’t bear to hear that (all of the negative descriptions anyone that has ever lived can think of) person talk.

    I was watching a show about the work of people planning to visit Mars (I love anything to do with space exploration) and they had a clip of little o saying something about America’s future in space. I said some bad words, changed the channel and watched a show about Nazi collaborators.

    Bastard has ruined America’s space program. But the individual American spirit will prevail – if he doesn’t crush it out of existence in the next two years.

  3. Maybe:
    Give each of the 2 Obamas a hammer,
    (or one a hammer and one a sickle…)
    lock them in a cage,
    charge Pay Per View MATCH.

    Funds go to reducing the National Debt.

  4. If you mean ‘people’ by the staff at the golf course, and ‘working hard’ by looking for lost balls….ya, okay

  5. I too could not watch much of that…..I do believe, however, that there is another brilliant “Hitler” video ready to come out of that video of lies….

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