Obama Will Nationalize IRA’s and 401K’s, If He Can

 Does the government want to nationalize your private retirement accounts?


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  1. HELL NO!!!!!
    Those of us who planned ahead to pay off mortgages and set aside funds in an individual tax deferred account own those funds.
    The government has failed to secure the funds to fund socialized security and have racked up $17 trillion in debt. What makes them believe they can manage our money?

  2. They have been stealing it ever since the IRS was set up. They take a chunk before we even get paid. If we set a part of the money away in a deferred tax fund, they still take a tax hit from any money we take out once we live long enough to collect.

    My point is they haven’t proven their ability to manage money. Somehow they managed to spend more than they take in and accumulated some $17 trillion in debt even with the ability of printing money via the Federal Reserve.

  3. Manage? We don wanna manage you stinkin’ money por you. We wanna manage you stinkin’ money por we.
    Gringo puta. Dat become part a obama stash when he go. And the next crook will be thankful.

  4. Quantitative Easing (“printing money”) will contribute to the downfall, and eventual inflation.

    Some are saying 20K DOW, I say yes, AFTER it hits 5K. The market is a house of cards, considering the REAL economic situation under this failed “community organizer” admin.

    Watch your money!

  5. This has already been done by several failing socialist governments. They have also converted non-retirement accounts to bonds.

  6. my kid brother called me a short time ago, all pissed off

    Fascism rears it ugly purple head again
    didn’t used to be that America was ruled by the extremely small percentage of extremely
    didn’t used to be that the queers just wanted to be left alone and be able to enter their partners’ hospital room, inherit their belongings, etc. suuuuuure it was…. fucking fascists


    Jackson County judge rules in favor of married same-sex couples

    ““The undisputed facts before the court show that, to the extent these laws prohibit plaintiffs’ legally contracted marriages from other states from being recognized here, they are wholly irrational, do not rest upon any reasonable basis, and are purely arbitrary,” wrote Judge J. Dale Youngs. “All they do is treat one segment of the population — gay men and lesbians — differently than their same-sex counterparts, for no logical reason.”

    Fascism through Lawfare

  7. I remember hearing something of this nature on Rush about a year ago. I thought at the time, there was something like $20 Trillion in IRA accounts. Of course people like Obama would be licking their chops on such a reach for massive cash.

    Damned thieves!

  8. I can’t imagine this happening without a fight. Even working class Libs have 401ks etc -while they love taking other people’s money they won’t like it in reverse. I could be wrong I guess. Grabbing our 401k could be all that’s needed for them to complete their Utopia.

  9. It’s not just the 401ks and IRAs, it’s your bank accounts as well.

    Get out of the market.

    Get out of the banking system.

    A few of the banking gurus have been quietly exiting the scene as of late (if anyone has noticed). I wonder what they know?

  10. The left wants this as much as if not more than your guns. Why else did huessien name his groundwork confiscation plan MYra. The wheels are in motion on this.

  11. I think some Americans might be more upset if their iPhone was confiscated by the government as opposed to their IRA. People need to wake up. What the “Clueless rate” of American’s? 76% – or what they refer to as the NFL crowd?

    Such a sad state of affairs when citizens know more about the Kardashians than any aspect of how the government has been taking over their lives.

  12. My guess is that they won’t just sweep them, they’ll do like the Nazis did, and LAWFULLY force every IRA and 401k holder to buy gov’t paper. This way the fools and stooges will continue the farce that the gov’t isn’t stealing anything, they’re selling you something of value based on some future taxation.

    A scam only slightly more insidious than Socialist Security and Mediscare, which the dummies still believe is too their advantage.

  13. Think about what we consider “money” these days…With the advent of debit cards, lots of people never handle cash of any kind and rely on a computer to tell them how much money they have.

  14. For Barky the Commie PIG to try this will be the onset of civil war, for it will mean the Constitution, Congress and the Supreme Court will have fallen….What does one do when his employer insists on direct deposits to a bank account for pay and bonus checks? The days of sending you a paper check are long gone. The commies in the WH know this. Its a set up and has been for years…Moochie fears the GOP winning both Houses, for she is whining “they will impeach Barky”…..we must make sure that happens!! She also is ordering students to stop disobeying her about what they want to eat….what colossal nerve of that wookie….take her please. She was never elected to a damned thing…time she learned that the hard way…

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