Obama worries black vote is not solid enough for Clinton

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (AP) — President Barack Obama twice rode a historic wave of African-American support to win the White House, but worries now the black vote “is not as solid as it needs to be” for Hillary Clinton.

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Obama’s and Clinton’s travel schedules are taking them to swing-state cities with significant black populations, and the two officials are fixtures in black-audience media. Their message is consistent: Clinton will fight for the black community, while Republican Donald Trump would turn back the clock for voters that helped propel Obama to comfortable national victories.

“I need everybody to understand that everything we’ve done is dependent on me being able to pass the baton to somebody who believes in the same things I believe in,” Obama told nationally syndicated radio host Tom Joyner in an interview broadcast Wednesday, ahead of his appearance in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

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Obama said early voting is up among Hispanics, but not among black voters. The president warned that Trump would obliterate his record, even digging up first lady Michelle Obama’s White House vegetable garden. “You think I’m joking?” Obama said.  MORE

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  1. Wow. He wasted air time worrying about the vegetable garden? What about his other great legacies like AHC and doubling the national debt by 10TT, flat-lining GDP? He knows clinton would be far worse — it would make us wish he was back? Sort of like Bush, huh?

    (I wonder if any of the clinton crime, inc. has Bush fingerprints on it?)

  2. The very overrated “black” vote is a joke. They only number less then 13% of the population. It was Whitey that put obongo in the White House.

  3. @Donkey – with all the cheating from the Dem party that is coming to light in this investigation – I’m not so sure that voting made any difference whatsoever in obama being given a second term.

  4. Clergyman James Davis, a black minister who was among the large group of black clergy who met with Trump in NY early in the race, told Hannity last night his best guess was that Trump has at least 25% of the black vote. The ones who aren’t voting for clinton, aren’t voting for any presidential candidate. I think the 25% number will be higher still.

  5. @: — Trump gave us Trump. And it’s a truly a miracle that a man who could have retired to anywhere on the planet he chose, to live out his days in peace, abundance and complete happiness, to spend his remaining years surrounded by his beloved family and those precious grandchildren, would feel the call to lead his country out of the pit and back to good, solid ground.

    I thank God every day for our undeserved mercy. Donald Trump is, after all, just another American citizen. Talented, true, but still just another patriotic American who felt a sense of duty. I can’t thank that man in the WH for that.

  6. Obama said Hillary’s home-brew email server was a just a “simple mistake.”

    Not since Bill Clinton’s “I never had sexual relations…”
    has a sitting president said something SO INSULTING to the intelligence of the American people!

    Dear God!

  7. aa, i agree with your comments about trump

    my intended meaning is that obama’s lawlessness and spineless congress demonstrated how truly broken the system is and that a non-establishment rebel is imperative to right the ship

    trump is a perfect fit at the perfect time and yes, a true patriot who wants to fix the country that he loves, thank god

  8. That pile of stinking, reeking half black pile of putrid dog shit Kenyon Mau-Mau Obama
    is worried that our current Minority Apartied Government might be replaced!

  9. Barky, if you’d done anything constitutionally, you might not have gotten everything you wanted, but the legislative process might have saved you from yourself and given you lasting achievements. You are the one who based everything on your pen and phone, and ephemeral Executive Orders.

    And if your wife wants a garden, she can plant one in her new backyard. Nobody wants to hoe her weedy rows anymore. In fact, Melania, probably has a design team planning a tasteful architectural feature for Mooch’s vacant lot. On time and under budget.

  10. All the vegetables in her garden will be dead by the middle of winter anyway. Maybe we SHOULD keep her garden, to remind everyone of obamas’ legacy. Weeds and death.

  11. Whazzup, Barky?
    Even wif Acorn shuckin an jivin the vote, yo still ain’t got anuff?

    Po l’il mulatto – askairt that all da damage he dun gon be undun by that bad ole white dude!

    Have Reggie get your pacifier ready …

    izlamo delenda est …

  12. @DaveVA — You just never know which name got picked on the ballot. 😉 Even among themselves, families, friends, many won’t divulge who they eventually voted for.

    And it was Darrell Scott who was on Hannity. My mistake.

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