Obamacare and The Jizya Tax

AllenBWest– Violate your vows, or pay up. That’s essentially what the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals told the Little Sisters of the Poor and their attorneys last week. We’ve seen the same mentality over and over lately. Back in 2013, the Attorney General of Virginia took it upon himself to sue a florist who refused to provide flowers for a gay wedding due to religious beliefs.

This sounds eerily like what the Koran and Sharia Law command. Believe what we believe or pay the tax. Yep. If you deviate from the beliefs of Islam and want to continue breathing air and holding onto your religious beliefs, according to the Koran, and Islamic law, you must pay the jizya, or tax. That’s a sobering thought isn’t it? MORE


5 Comments on Obamacare and The Jizya Tax

  1. This is an analogy that can resonate by West: Sharia Law & Progressive rule are very much alike. If we get a conservative in 2016, he needs to be Secretary of State.

  2. The Left is forcing their agenda upon us, thanks to 0bama and his team of communist moslems, and their disregard for the laws of America.

    Don’t ever give in to the bastards. Stand up for your rights and force them to honor the Constitution. Make it fucking hurt, too!

    “or prohibit the free exercise thereof.”

  3. Not only is the nose of the camel under the tent that was American Law, the whole ugly animal is within. Half the country is so stupid it wants this.

    It’s as if Mooch snuck into your house and refuses to leave. You’re disgusted at the thought of making contact with that beast, but now, you’re going to need the entire neighborhood to help offload that beast and defunkify the place. But first you have to convince them it’s worth helping you because their house will be next.

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