Obamacare Approaches Peak Fail

We are in the midst of Obamacare enrollment for 2016, but you’d never know if you weren’t already being forced to overpay for health insurance you don’t need.


No one is advocating for the Affordable Care Act and all the pols and their enablers in the press are trying their best to ignore its very existence. Perhaps the litany of failure summarized in this piece from The Hill explains why.


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  1. In aeronautical engineering terms, what we’re looking at is divergent instability: the more off-track it gets, the faster and harder it tends to go off-track, with spin accelerating rapidly as the object inexorably heads towards a catastrophic impact with the real world.

  2. Uncle Al – would that be an example of a “state plane” solution crashing uncontrollably regardless of the path taken? Seems like it to me. It was doomed when it took off.

  3. I cannot repeat this enough times. It’s what I’ve been saying since the earliest discussions on the ACA:

    “Obamacare will not give us more health care, or better health care. It will, however, give us more bureaucracy.”

    Someone from this site–Irony? Cardigan?– even tweeted it out a while ago.

    Damned if I wasn’t 100% right.

  4. Everything going along as planned. Socialized medicine before little o leaves office.

    Please, God, “encourage” congress to give the boot to our fake president before it happens.

  5. You know, I remember when the light went on for me. I was a conservative in Hollywood playing in bands taking shit from all sides during the Reagan years. I was just living like I was brought up.
    I was listening to the radio at one of my crap jobs one day. Some asshole was going on about black and white stuff on some talk show and they said: “What we need, is to build bridges and coalitions in our neighborhoods. Bridges and Coalitions”
    That day was the last day of my political innocence.
    Right then I knew there were people out there that will adopt any strategy at all as long as that strategy requires that nothing in the physical realm be accomplished.
    As long as nobody has to actually do anything but talk, it is deemed a responsible course of ‘action’
    Unless of course they can spend money using print and digital media to create compost that is forgotten 20 seconds after exposure to it.
    Obamacare was a boat, built in a basement.
    The new owners of this house will not be pleased.

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