Obamacare Death Panel Likely To Start Operating Next Year


According to the Affordable Care Act, the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB), or as it’s better known, Death Panel, only operates when Medicare spending exceeds targeted growth limits.

It officially formed last year and according to Chief Actuary for the Center For Medicare and Medicaid, Paul Spitalnic, it looks they will get to work next year if Congress delays killing Obamacare.


Mr. Spitalnic’s presentation on Medicare spending projections and the IPAB Here



6 Comments on Obamacare Death Panel Likely To Start Operating Next Year

  1. They’d best keep their identities hidden. G-d may have mercy on their souls, but no one affected by any Medicare cuts or denial of services will.
    And in my not so humble opinion, the more prolonged and painful these Death Panel bureaucrats deaths are, the more ironic and pleasurable it will be (for me anyway).

  2. IPAB prolly read up on those medical unit buses in China that put prisoners inside, and as they drive gaily by the pastoral scenery, they rip the eyes and organs out of their still-conscious ‘clients’ like rabid monkeys in a birthday cake.

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