ObamaCare leaving NY hospitals on the hook


Health Republic, one of the largest Obamacare co-ops that has failed, is planning to leave hospitals and other health care providers on the hook for tens of millions of dollars in unpaid claims. According to the Post Standard New York hospitals are owed $160 million by Health Republic, but the state is telling the insurer to stop paying claims even though it’s in business for the rest of the month and providers are required to deliver care to it’s customers. And that’s not counting what individual providers are owed.


5 Comments on ObamaCare leaving NY hospitals on the hook

  1. The co-ops were set up to fail by the government (Americans are so STUPID) BY requiring people WITH NO EXPERIENCE in health care insurance to run them. Political cronies were rewarded with high paying temporary jobs, failure was planned and expected.

    The domino effect.

  2. I thought slavery was illegal in the United States. This is the definition of slavery–FORCING healthcare providers to to provide their services FOR FREE. The state is telling Health Republic NOT TO PAY while simultaneously telling healthcare providers that they MUST fulfill their contractual obligations.

    The medical community should give the middle finger to the state. They are not indentured servants and cannot be forced to work for free.

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