ObamaCare – Still Working As Designed

Stephen Moore reminds us all that ObamaCare is still out there, like some zombie terrorizing the countryside feasting on the wallets of the unsuspecting. In this piece, Moore lays out six reasons we need to finally put a bullet into the head of this democrat created and protected monster. More

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  1. Yep. My individual health insurance cost has tripled since 2013, deductible has about doubled, and my provider dumped me last year as they got out of covering individuals. And I just had a hernia surgery which I expect will use the entire deductible. Yay.

  2. ObamaCare is working perfectly. That is to say, it isn’t working so the only answer is single payer. Essentially, the Democrats wanted to fuck up our health care system with ObamaCare so they could fuck it up even more with single payer.

  3. We got the bronze plan after my wife lost her job. $570 per month for 2 adults, 2 children.
    It covers nothing. Literally nothing. It’s a complete waste. My wife used it once for an ear infection. They told her it wasn’t covered so they gave her a reduced cash rate.
    Oh, and we had dental insurance… I needed an implant. Insurance covered a whopping $520 versus my $5700 out of pocket.
    Waiting to get cancer and insurance tell us nothing is covered, not even the death panel.
    Worthless. All of it.
    We can’t afford the gold plan for $1300 per month where things are actually covered.

  4. …..and the insurance industry is giggleing like school girls all the way to the bank…..

  5. Recent 4 1/2 hour surgery on May 9th, 3 days of hospitalization.
    Rounded off to the highest one thousand (so far)—- $180,000.

    Surgery and Hospital Care was exceptional, it is not affordable.

  6. I’ve had one ER visit and recently had my gall bladder removed. I hit my out-of-pocket maximum on those two things alone. And I pay $1381 a month for the privilege.

  7. I’m still uninsured. The occasional booboo and any meds needed are easily covered by the cash that didn’t get spent on a premium payment.
    I’d love to have insurance as I’m getting more brittle every day, but only if it made sense.

  8. Congress, Banking, Insurance, Big Pharma.

    All have a free hand in your pocket, falsely claim to be there to protect you, and sodomize you worse than if you were the favorite in a harem of a savage mufti with herculean anger issues. While they live in obscene wealth, pursuing depraved lives, and think we’re rubes for the taking.

    What has become of our great nation? How could anyone sacrifice to defend all this?

  9. That half dead McStain gets an indemnity fed plan which we, the serfs pay 3/4 of his (& all federal employee critters) monthly premiums. That alongside his whopping $183 Medicare yearly deductible makes me livid. No remorse for screwing the country, just more ugly bile coming from that pos.

  10. It will never disappear because that would be racist and we have too many liberals on the right.
    We should have cleaned house 10 years ago.

  11. It all started when CONGRESS passed a law that medical facilities HAD to treat regardless of ability to pay.
    That meant NO ONE paid, especially the wetbacks, and set the stage for everything the lefties wanted: free delivery and anchor baby for illegal aliens, and the slow spiraling death of our health care system, which brought us Obamacare as a “fix”:
    Make the fuckers OWN it; it’s 100% theirs.


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