Obamacare Victim’s Mom Demands Apology from Reid


“I would like him to pay $30,000 and make that donation to the Angioma Alliance and apologize to me and to the American people.”

mother whose daughter was victimized by the provisions of Obamacare appeared on Fox and Friends on Friday to demand an apology from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) who opined on the Senate Floor Wednesday that all of the Obamacare horror stories were lies.

Eileen Benthal’s 17-year-old daughter, Johannah, was born with congenital malformations in her brain requiring 89 separate surgeries so far in her short life. Johannah’s mom explained that thanks to Obamacare, the family lost their plan, all their out-of-state coverage, their doctors, and had to choose from three insurance plans on the New York Exchange that were “far less superior to the options we had.”



8 Comments on Obamacare Victim’s Mom Demands Apology from Reid

  1. Hmm, this make me worry the Zombie Apocalypses will start in Search Lite Nevada. What an ignorant mofo.

  2. She needs to be prepared for the typical democrat non-apology apology.

    You’ll also notice that Harry Reid’s healthcare remains exactly the same as it was before ObamaTax. Maybe when Obama said, “If you like your healthcare plan, you can keep your healthcare plan,” he was talking about congress.

  3. Looks like Harry has already conceded the loss of the senate before this statement, now he has sealed it.

  4. Don’t hold your breath, Mrs. Benthal. I am truly sorry for what you are going through with your daughter and the extra unnecessary burden this President has put on you. I will pray for your family.

  5. There are 352,000,000 victims of Okillercare and we are all lying. Only people who won’t have to live under ACA are for it.

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