Obamacare Worked For Dem Pols, Fails For Everyone Else

One of the revelations from the democrat’s success at taking back the house in the midterms was the positive impact Obamacare had on the vote eight years after its creation. Don’t get me wrong, Obamacare has been and continues to be a dismal failure for those needing healthcare. Here

For democrat politicians however, the expansion of Medicaid, a key provision of Obamacare, was a huge success at the ballot box. Here

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  1. With President Trump eliminating the mandate, the single most onerous piece of Obamacare was eradicated.
    After the mandate removal, Obamacare is a take it or leave it option, which isn’t so horrible.

  2. I left it. I REFUSE to be seen by Der Kommissar ObamassarKare subcontractors. America’s doctors chose to play footsy, or cutesy, or kissy-face (kissy-ASS), or golf, with demtard politicians, RATHER than defend their own profession!!! SCREW ‘EM! They can HAVE their democraps!

    I still plan on dying in the age of Der Kommissar ObamassarKare anyways. I wanna see who resurrects me first: the Obamessiah 🙄 … or the TRUE Messiah.

    MY money’s on the latter.

  3. RomneyCare 2.0 has been a disaster for 8 years. Libs hide the fact that Romneycare 1.0 was so bad that its creator was “Tared + Feathered, and run out of Mass on a rail”! Also hidden by libs – had GWB not sent $millions of fed taxes (my taxes) to help RomneyCare 1.0 it would have been more disliked by the “Tar + Feather” crowd.

  4. How about the fookin’ do nothing, sorry cork-smoking GOP congress completely failed to perform its ONE mandate!!!! I remember “REPEAL OBAMACARE”…..not some sniveling “repeal and REPLACE” bull-pucky. Once again, we put them in power and they fail. FOOK ’em. It is way past time to employ the noose.
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  5. Gotta thank that rat John Roberts for only only barrycare, but for every unconstitutional law in the future that gets a pass based on this case.

    Hopefully when roberts needs urgent care, he’ll get an obamacare doctor. That’ll teach him.

  6. The Democrats won in limited area elections for Representatives because in these places they were able to ballot stuff. Especially in California, but corrupt urban enclaves as well. Right under everyone’s noses while bif focus was on big races for Senate and governor elsewhere.

    We have got to do something about voting fraud this year so that it doesn’t affect 2020.


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