Obama’s Answer to Terrorism Against Our Troops:

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Have Them Remove Their Uniforms.

On the heels of a terrorist attack on two military recruiting offices in Tennessee by a Muslim immigrant, the Obama administration announced a policy change to help prevent future attacks. Was it to finally arm our soldiers? Nope. It was to have them take off their uniforms. No really! [Publius’ Forum]

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  1. Gorilla Gazette

    Let me see if I understand recent history. The US was one of the leading countries to push the white minority South African president to quit and let a majority negro run the Government. This on the premise that a minority white should not rule over a majority of negros. We then turned around and gave the US presidency to a minority Negro to rule over a majority of whites? That sound about right! Did I mention that the minority Negro is an incompetent, anti-American, Marxist leaning, Muslim loving, country destroying, certifiably insane maniac who keeps a pet fly on his face and is married to a gorilla?

  2. On Gateway Pundit they had this headline:
    Pentagon Tells Military Recruiters ‘No Guns’ Allowed at Centers – “CLOSE THE BLINDS” for Protection

  3. That’s just one of the many ways, in progress, of destroying the fabric of our military.

    If he was an enemy of America, how would he do it differently?

  4. Here’s a compromise. I can see how it might be dangerous to allow some Gomer Pyle private to carry around a loaded weapon. I was in the Army for a six year term and there were kids i wouldn’t have wanted to see within a galaxy cluster of a loaded weapon.

    So .. hey, we just allow NCO’s and officers to carry. Problem solved

  5. Read the same article, Mr. Mxyzptlk. Then I went to the online blinds place and wasn’t able to find any Kevlar blinds. Even tried to use the promo code, “Levin,” but to no avail. 🙁

  6. Hmmmm…..jihadists will look into a recruiting station and see people sitting at the desks and moving about and think, “No uniforms. Must not be military dogs I can shoot.”?

    If Sir Golfsalot weren’t doing so much damage to our country (with the help of cowards who won’t call him out cuz he’s black) this would all be farcical.

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