Obama’s Book of Letters

Well, he warned us that he had a pen and a phone, now we discover that President Obama took time out of his busy day to write replies to the many letters that poured into the White House during his eight years in office.

“To Obama: With Love, Joy, Anger and Hope” is 416 pages of his correspondents to letter writers compiled by University of Pittsburgh Professor, Jeanne Marie Laska. More

The book has received nothing but glowing reviews, except for one submitted this morning titled “A Pale Copy of the Original,” which I repost here in case Amazon becomes censorious. This is a copy of Michael Knowles, “Reasons To Vote For Democrats: A Comprehensive Guide.” While this book may offer actual words, the subject matter is basically the same.”

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  1. Well done, Dr. Tar.
    You have provided a stealthily critical review.
    Let’s see how long it survives.

    Many people don’t know this, but it’s possible to read something you don’t agree with on the Internet and simply move on with your life. (h/t @TheMichaelRock)

  2. just obtained the audiobook …. quite short, really
    “uh … ABC …. C stand for Commu … uh, huh, huh …. don’t matter no how
    D … that stand s for ‘democrat’ … uh … and that’s good!
    EFG … G stands for big Government …. and, uh … that’s good too!
    HIJ …. J stands for Judge … and, uh, we don’t like Judge Kavanaugh
    K … stands for KKK … & Kavanaugh … uh, see, uh that works? KKK … Kavanaugh?
    L … stands for … Larry Sinclair … uh, um, wait … L stands for Love … as, um, uh, Reggie Love
    M … stands for … uh …. uh ……. Mooseknuckle … I mean, Moochelle
    N … stands for the ‘N’ word …. even though I’m only half ‘N’ I’ll use it against anyone that dares question me
    O … stands for Obama … Glorious Lord Obama, who loves all you awful peasants
    PQR … pretty, queer Rahm … oh the times we had at ‘Man’s World’ in Chicago
    R … Republicans …. uh, Enemies Of The State … bad, uh .. very, uh, bad
    ST … Sexually Transmitted … gotta watch out for those when you’re transferatin’ bodily fluids up the poop-shute, uh, huh huh
    UV … watch out for those UV rays kids! … better off staying in Mom’s basement, eatin’ Cheeto’s & turning your cocks orange … uh huh?
    X … as in “I wish Moochelle was my X” … what? … uh, I was only kidding Honeybunch. Of course I love your mother moving in with us
    Y …. uh, I don’ know Y you alls don’t recognize me as the greatest human being to ever set his foot on the Earth, & even the other planets … uh, I mean, it’s quite obvious … & Y is a term for that Vay-Yah thang … I don’t go there
    Z ….. stands for .. uh … all this ‘zactly what I been telling you is the truly truth … there be no disputin’ …. ‘zactly

  3. Book of letters? As in the alphabet?

    A is for autocrat
    B is for bullying
    C is for cupidity
    D is for duplicity
    E is for egomania
    F is for fatuity
    G is for Godlessness
    H is for hostility
    I is for immaturity
    J is for jejuneness
    K is for kleptocracy
    L is for lunacy
    M is for megalomania
    N is for narcissism
    O is for odiousness
    P is for puerility
    Q is for Quisling
    R is for rebarbativity
    S is for sociopathy
    T is for treason
    U is for unfeeling
    V is for vanity
    W is for wanker
    X is for xenophile
    Y is for yahoo
    Z is for zero

  4. It’s gotta be for pre-schoolers, right?

    “The book has received nothing but glowing reviews…”
    If anyone wants to send me a copy, I’ll give it a ‘glowing review.’ Winter is coming, and we’re always looking for stuff to get the woodstoves going.
    ‘Hey- that burns good! Look at it glow’

  5. yep. presenting the alphabet! 16 font family variations of each and every letter of the alphabet on each page recreated and individually hand drawn by little malnourished kenyan childrens in a desert sweat shop made entirely of cardboard and stolen aluminum siding by somalian pirates with access to only one inkwell and dip pen that all 1500 of them will have to share to fulfill the forth coming amazon order.

    “it takes a village”

  6. If one were perusing based on the title, I would guess it’s a collection from lady admirers, and should read, “With Love, Joy, Michelle and Hope”.


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