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Obama’s CIA Director Is Opposed to Spying


WesternFreePress: Unbelievable, but true: President Obama’s CIA Director, John Brennan, doesn’t think the agency should engage in spying. He finds espionage unsavory, apparently. John Sipher, a former member of the CIA’s Senior Intelligence Service and a recipient of the agency’s Distinguished Career Intelligence Medal, explains:

In what was otherwise a thoughtful interview with National Public Radio last week, CIA Director John Brennan expressed his personal view that the CIA should be not be viewed as a spy agency. In the 24 February interview he said, “I don’t support government spying…. We don’t steal secrets… We uncover, we discover, we reveal, we obtain, we elicit, we solicit. All of that.” What? We don’t steal secrets? Is he joking?  MORE

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  2. Is John Owen Brennan a muslim. Check it out for yourself. He and Obama are “tighter” than any other CIA Chief and CIC have
    ever been. Not a healthy arrangement for the security of the country, or the world for that matter.

  3. There’s an interesting precedent for Brennan’s position, and that precedent shows the position to be pretty fscking stupid.

    In the early days of US code-breaking, the operation designated MI8 was run by Herbert O. Yardley. In 1929, Secy of State Henry Stimson shut down the operation with the infamous observation that “gentlemen don’t read each others’ mail.”

    FDR (in a rare good move), restarted the effort under the leadership of William “Wild Bill” Donovan, who went on to head the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), the precursor to the CIA. A good and accessible account of the successes of the OSS during WWII is in by Thomas Parrish.

    The 1929 tale is recounted in several memoirs from players at the time, but the best one (very highly recommended by yrs truly) is The American Black Chamber by Yardley himself. My late father introduced me to the fascinating Yardley by giving me his copy of The Education of a Poker Player, also highly recommended.

  4. We have a CIA director who doesn’t believe in spying, a Attorney General who doesn’t believe in prosecuting Dem.s and a prez who doesn’t believe in America.

  5. Respected National Security and FBI patriots forced out by both Bush and Obama have been warning about Brennan for years. He’s a known mole but he’s being protected.

  6. Check out “A man called Intrepid.” True story of the men and women who saved the world from Nazism. It happened way before Brennan went to divinity school in Cairo, Egypt, not Cairo, New York.

  7. Soros needs to be indicted by a Sheriff and State Attorney General building a case for Engaging in Terrorist Acts and Inciting Riots. It can be done, most states have these charges on the books. He needs to become a fugitive inside the United States. He should also be used civilly for same.

    His assets need to be seized and his sub terrorist organizations need to be designated terror groups and dismantled. How is it that MoveOn.org is not designated a terror organization but OathKeepers and various veterans organizations and the Tea Party is??

    Brennan is a moslime collaborator with Soros and should be pursued by Trompo when he takes office.

  8. I think the plan is for the West to bow to Islam.
    I think these commie bastards are planning to throw in the towel
    This asswipe is part of the deal.
    That’s why Trump freaks them all out

  9. Spying on enemies of the USA and western civilization, bad.
    Spying on muslims, bad.
    Spying on law abiding American citizens, good.

  10. 1) John Brennan is a Filthy Moslem Savage. It’s a fact. He is a slave of Allah (Satan), as is Obama and Valerie “Born In Iran” Jarret
    2) John Brennan is a lying, hypocrite piece of shit. He ordered the illegal, corrupt spying on & intimidation of Sharyl Atkisson….and he has the audacity to claim he’s against Gummint spying?

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