Obama’s Def Sec Leon Panetta Appears To Admit He Was Involved With Milley’s Secret CCP Calls

National File:

Former Obama-Biden administration Defense Secretary and CIA Director Leon Panetta appeared to admit that he was involved with General Mark Milley’s secret calls to the Chinese Communist military behind President Donald Trump’s back.

Leon Panetta, the former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and former Defense Secretary under the Obama-Biden administration appeared to admit that he was involved with General Mark Milley’s secret calls to the CCP military behind the back of President Donald Trump.

Panetta, while confirming that Milley made secret calls, said the first secret call Milley made to the CCP was “pursuant to the approval of [Defense] Secretary [Mark] Esper,” adding that the second secret call to the CCP was made because “President [Trump] was appointing political people to key positions at the Defense Department.”

In an apparent admission to being involved with the secret CCP calls, Panetta, a private citizen, said “we were concerned about what the President might do.” more

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25 Comments on Obama’s Def Sec Leon Panetta Appears To Admit He Was Involved With Milley’s Secret CCP Calls

  1. Just think how many of these TRAITOROUS BASTARDS deserve to be placed against a wall, with or without a cigarette and blindfold, and shot at dawn!

  2. The problem was that “Trump was appointing (the wrong) politicians to office.

    But hadn’t America elected Trump to do just that? So resistance and undercutting him would be…treason?

    A-holes think think they have the right to counter election consequences. No wonder they stole the 2020 election.

  3. He broke no laws, doing the job he was hired to do. Good to know someone was watching the store while the man at the was having a mental breakdown. Americans thank you for your dedication to your country. Breakdown guy, seems to never recovered.

  4. @ Joe6,
    Screw the cigarette…. they’re more expensive than ammunition!
    Panetta’s been on the list for a long time.

  5. Admit? He appears to be bragging about it. They are not acting like Nazis at Nuremberg, they’re acting like they planned D-Day.

    Either these deep state m——rf——-rs don’t get it, or we don’t get it. And I’m afraid that it’s us.

  6. What other things when on behind Trump’s back that helped undermine Trump and his efforts to get things done? Broken laws and rules need enforcement. America hasn’t learned from the founders on culling the herd.

  7. beachmom, the recurring theme is that they were all there long before Obama. They weren’t his people. He was merely one of their Presidents.

  8. I will live my entire life as a legitimate American citizen and I can honestly say that maybe 5-6 elected officials represented my interests in the slightest way.

    The others ALL lied to me, targeted me, used me, and coveted all that I earned. All so they could certainly profit personally. “Public Service”?? KMA

  9. Feeding war intelligence to China out of “fear” of what Trump “may” do based on no actual real evidence other than your hatred for Trump and the power to undermine him yields zero consequences other than accolades from the ruling establishment.

    Accept and invite onto the House floor and stand around for 20 minutes with a “Stop the Steal” sign… 3.5 years in Federal prison.

    Our republic is dead… long dead. These pigs are not your representative government. They are overseers designated by feudal rulers to keep us in line.

  10. I think we need to establish a numbering system for Anonymous so we can identify the traitors and the patriots before we waste time reading the former’s posts.

  11. No doubt about it, he was acting as a true patriot, keeping the nukes in check & letting them know everything was under control.

  12. We, as a nation, have become a 24 plot line. This season I just hope Jack Bauer kills everyone in the chain of command that is corrupt.


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