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Obama’s Delusional New Year

LZ: While President-elect Donald Trump celebrated Dec. 31 as the final day of the final full year of President Obama’s tenure, the president used his address on New Year’s Eve to claim the U.S. has become “stronger” and “more respected” under his watch.

During his final weekly address of 2016, Obama reflected on all of the actions he and his supporters have taken “to make America stronger these past eight years.” With the havoc the upcoming Trump administration will wreak upon Obama’s legacy looming directly overhead, the president sought to comfort himself and his supporters with all the self-important optimism he could muster.

“At a time when we turn the page on one year and look ahead to the future, I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for everything you’ve done to make America stronger these past eight years,” Obama said. “Almost every country on Earth sees America as stronger and more respected today than they did eight years ago.”  MORE

25 Comments on Obama’s Delusional New Year

  1. “With the havoc the upcoming Trump administration will wreak upon Obama’s legacy looming directly overhead…”

    The author must be smoking the same weed as Obama.

  2. So when hasn’t barry been delusional? The last 8 years and his whole life has been a big delusion. Good riddance in 20 days, go away and keep deluding yourself into thinking you were the greatest presidunce ever, the rest of us don’t believe any of your delusional bullshit.

  3. “Almost every country” … that hasn’t developed hand grenades and horseshoes.

  4. Delusional my ass.

    He’s a practitioner of the “Josef Goebbels’s School” of communication.

    Tell your lie; and stick with it. There’s always a group of useful idiots who will assist in the propagation of such lies.

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. Ya know, Baghdad Bob kinda went under the radar there for a couple years. I’ll bet he’s been on Oduce’s payroll all this time.

  6. Prediction for 2017!

    He will end up in a booby hatch before the year is up wearing a Napoleon hat and a Che T-Shirt singing “I am pretty oh so pretty”!

  7. Obama listed all his failures.
    Lies are truth, bad is good, incompetence is diligence, division is working together, weakness is strength, disdain is respect, failure is success.
    What a hapless dick.

  8. One delusion is that he was elected for anything other than the fact he was a ‘clean articulate negro’
    No skills having petty dime store hoodloom

  9. An old poem that fits Barry
    to a T.
    “I think I’m great
    I think I’m grand
    When I go to the movies
    I hold my hand
    I put my arm around my waist
    and when I get fresh
    I slap my face.”

  10. The Øbamboozler needs a father figure to walk him thru the barnyard and explain to him the difference between whut Barry sez and a can of Shinola!

  11. Hey Barackacocka. Pull this leg and it plays “Jingle Bells.”

  12. For 2017 I want to see this human turd writhe in pain. Big pain.
    Not psychological discomfort from having his overindulged ego bruised,
    but violent, ceaseless, burning pain that last for the duration of the universe.

  13. obozo IS a useless POS, as are his minions!

  14. He says he was born on an island. Yeah, fantasy island.

    Notice when DJTrump flies to Wash DC obuttpupet runs out to the WH grounds to exclaim, “de plane de plane”.

    A joke

  15. he goes out like he came in …. no accomplishments
    (unless you count world chaos as an accomplishment; & Lord Soros does)

    President NothingBurger
    … all sizzle, no steak … all gloss, no substance

  16. No gloss, he’s left a big black stain on America that we the American people and our new President Donald Trump and his cabinet need to scour and remove like it never existed. If hellary would’ve won the stain would’ve become permanent.

  17. Obama’s statements about how much he has improved Americans lives and improved America’s stature in the world, is just insulting. Doesn’t matter to me if he believes that crap or if he knows it’s one of the biggest lies ever told in national history. It ticks me off.

    But on the other side of the coin. If the DemonRats allow Obama to remain the head of the party as CoC, Chief of Chaos, and loud mouthed PITA after Jan 20th, it could backfire resulting in the DemonRat party going extinct. Which will be fine with me if they continue their sprint to the far left.

  18. who even speaks like this…Almost all countries in the world.

  19. @Plantsman: 10 year olds and Northern Irish ejits speak like this… “Almost all countries in the world –and other places too!”
    To which Trump can simply reply (or tweet!), as he did in the debates, “Wrong.”

  20. Whats troubling is that this dime store time share salesman still has a large following.

  21. Obama’s not delusional. Hitler was delusional.

    Obama is just a liar.

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