Obama’s legacy: Dead cops

By continuing to cast aspersions on police in general even as they’re being gunned down, Obama fans the flames of this madness and gets blood on his own hands.

CAIN: I do not make this statement lightly. I thought about it a lot. I used to roll my eyes at liberals who blamed Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush for everything under the sun – including things that clearly had nothing to do with them. I don’t want to behave in the same silly way now just because we have a liberal president and my political bias makes me want to hang something bad on him.

But Barack Obama’s behavior with respect to the recent police shootings has been so disgraceful, I simply cannot in good conscience spare him from the admonishment he has so clearly earned. We now have angry cop-killers taking to the streets in multiple cities and gunning down police officers because they’ve bought into the lie that cops are targeting black people simply out of racial animus. And Obama is one of the people telling this lie.  more

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  1. Well if Barry thinks that Mooschelle’s arse is large enough to take cover behind, he’s right. He ought to rethink the screw the police thinking though. Once Stinky’s out of the WH, Moo will be eating tamales at home, not protecting her asset, Boo.

  2. Obama has more blood on his hands from the insurrection of division he has born.

    I have exhausted all words to describe obama. Infuriating.

  3. Cain gives Obama a lot more credit than he deserves IMHO… I can’t believe a professional agitator would not know that his words are a war cry of encouragement to the BLM fiends funded by his buddies to keep on wrecking havoc. He is to blame and Hillary will just be a continuation.

  4. Add to the dead cops these: IRS targets Obama’s enemies, Benghazi, Spying on the AP, The ATF “Fast and Furious” scheme, Sebelius demands payment, The Pigford Agriculture Department Scandal, The General Services Administration Las Vegas Spending Spree, Veterans Affairs in Disney World and neglecting vets, Solyndra, New Black Panthers Voter Intimidation, The hacking of Sharyl Attkisson’s computer, Obama’s LIES about the Affordable Care Act, “I’ll Pass My Own Laws,” NSA Spying on American People,…..feel free to add to list there’s more.

  5. How do we do that petition thing that Barky has to look at it? There are groups asking to light the White House Blue. He is refusing.

  6. Obama’s tally of death should include all military deaths due to his rules of engagement, every veteran who has died seeking care from the Veterans’ hospitals and administration, all deaths and destruction caused by his devilish stirring up of race, even as most instances are found to be non racial, the lives he and Hillary have full responsibility for having lost in Benghazi.

    Add to the deaths, his weakening of our military to pre WWII levels, his attacks on morality, including the wholesale (literally) killing of babies, his attacks on education, industry, and individual rights. But the invitation to invaders, without vetting, to this country is devastating to public health, education, and the well being of Americans, now living under threat of heightened crime and is an intentional move to burn this country down.

    And Hillary will be Obama on steroids, because she is an expert at just doing it her way, and proclaiming innocence. She will douse the flames Obama has started, with gasoline.

  7. @Cato

    Blood on his hands in US is peanuts. Where to begin?Think of the thousands in Libya, Syria, Egypt, Mexico, ad naseum.

    Somewhere on the MF’s body is a birthmark that looks like 666. He is pure evil…a psycopath.

  8. @Lazlo, don’t for the love of God sign any petitions. You’re only putting your name on a watch list. These spawn of evil don’t give a crap. Just be prepared because Barky and his ilk ain’t gonna give up power peacefully.

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