Obama’s Open Invitation to All Foreign Workers

In her first column for The Conservative Review, new Senior Editor Michelle Malkin explains just how expansive Obama’s foreign workers jobs program is going to be in the next year.


5 Comments on Obama’s Open Invitation to All Foreign Workers

  1. I’ve said this for 20 years…If we had just allowed a bunch of Indians (dots not feathers) to practice law in the good ol’ USA for 50 bucks an hour, then the border issue would have been fixed by now…

  2. Well, the elites didn’t get their Open Borders Amnesty / Destroy US Wages bill, so they got a sop through the back door. This way, they can finally destroy high tech and engineering wages, as well as the building trades.

    My son knows two people laid off at tech companies who were replaced by “more qualified” (read that, lower paid) workers, who just happen to be here on work visas. Both, little lefties to the core, are seriously upset and starting to see the world in a more “right-minded” way. Also, one of them said that tech employers like the visa workers, because they will work without complaining, accept a lot less pay, have nearly zero social life, and most of all, cannot jump from company to company, as native born workers do, because said employer “sponsors” them.

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