Obama’s penchant for desert golf faces scrutiny in drought – IOTW Report

Obama’s penchant for desert golf faces scrutiny in drought

USA Today:

PALM SPRINGS, CALIF. —One question forPresident Obama as he heads for Palm Springs, Calif. this weekend: whether it’s appropriate to play on plush green golf links in the desert amid a severe drought.

Parody of Obama's "FORWARD!" theme

“This administration’s commitment to helping those affected by the drought is second to none,” said White House deputy press secretary Eric Schultz Thursday in answer to a reporter’s question on that topic before the president headed to the West Coast.

“I know that many courses have taken water mitigation steps aimed at water conservation,” Schultz said.

That’s true. Golf course managers convened a task force in 2013 to focus on reducing the water footprint of their properties. Since then, more owners have replaced some acres of grass with desert landscaping, and it’s possible that more still will follow to cut back on watering during the drought.

But golf courses still account for nearly one-fourth of the groundwater that is pumped from the aquifer in the Coachella Valley that comprises the desert resort city of Palm Springs.


20 Comments on Obama’s penchant for desert golf faces scrutiny in drought

  1. It is not a drought in obama’s world, everything is just peachy keen. Now go mind your own business, peasants.

  2. THIS is what engenders ‘scrutiny’!!???

  3. “This administration’s commitment to helping those affected by the drought is second to none,”

    Do these idiots understand what that phrase means?

    Think: “Nothing works better.” Then why should I take your shit if taking nothing will work better?

    Their commitment is second to none? The only lower commitment is zero? Probably true, even if by accident.

  4. And next Fall, he’ll use the same drought to blame for yet another downward revision of his umpteenth shitty Summer of Recovery.

  5. A commie is most comfortable in the commie state.

  6. He has a L O F T problem when it comes to golf…. and everything else, for that matter: Lack Of Fucking Talent.

  7. At least the administration is doing something to help out the drought-stricken courses that Obama uses. However,
    I understand that those Perrier hazards
    can still be quite daunting.

  8. Maybe California will keep him. One more idiot won’t hurt.

  9. Golf courses should be outlawed! A real man would golf in the desert, with the snakes and cactii, instead of some over groomed playground for rich people. But Osuckme doesn’t care, he will spend millions of our tax dollars to fly to a desert, spewing out tons of so called “green house gasses”, to golf on green grass.
    He probably eats black rhinoceros steak and emu eggs for breakfast too!
    Oh sorry, I just remembered, he is black, so it’s okay. I denounce myself! !!!!!!

  10. I made a comment about Obozo’s pathetic golfing ability, and one of the resident leftists said “yes, but he is really good at basketball”. I just laughed and said “one for 22 free throws.”

  11. And speaking of drought, isn’t it interesting that I can’t get a glass of water at a calif. restaurant, the farms are all drying up, but there always seems to be plenty of H20 to keep the greens plush.

  12. The drought meas that the immigrants he allows in here legal or illegal will continue to place a artificially high demand on that very resource. Does he care? Fuck no, he couldn’t possibly demonstrate just how much he doesn’t actually give a DemonRats ass about it or any problem the country has which btw he’s either made worse or created anew.

  13. When Preznit Shankopotomus golfs, he must regularly make cynical, Bidenesque remarks about “shovel ready” divots as big as his Budget Deficits (or Mooch’s moon).

  14. And I thought algoerwebs sucked major dong when the army corps flooded a river with millions of gallons from the reservoir just so al and the whiners could enjoy nature for a photo op

  15. Buck Ofama and everything he stands for. Seriously, though, fuck obama. I’m so sick of his presence. Stick an iron up yo lily white ass, Barry.

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