Obama’s Pentagon Looking To Direct Hire Officers

Called “lateral entry,” the military is exploring bringing civilians in at the rank of “full bird Colonels or Navy Captains” to fill positions that have a civilian equivalent.

A key piece of Secretary of Defense Ash Carter’s “Force of the Future“, the goal is to bring in “top talent, especially for high-tech career fields focused on cyber warfare and space.” The initiative is not without controversy.


18 Comments on Obama’s Pentagon Looking To Direct Hire Officers

  1. So This is how Obama gets his Civilian National Security Force. Is there anything President Ash Carter can’t do?

  2. And the hits just keep on coming! Just when you thought morale couldn’t get any lower in the officer ranks, Ash / Obozo strike again!

  3. wow, no need to have earned your way thru the ranks within the military organization, proving yourself thru deployments, combat etc

    let’s bring in stephen hawking, pencil-necked bill nye, etc

    they need cyber experts etc, but commissioning them as high-ranked officers before they even know how to put a uniform together is pure wrong

    simply hire them as gs-14s, etc

    the obama buffoonery is infinte

  4. Mr. Mxyzptlk, they’ll reduce thE fragging threat by deemphasizing marksmanship and forbidding soldiers to carry weapons on base. Oh wait…they’re already doing that.

  5. The future, of the military will look more and more like corporate America, MBA’s with no background or understanding in the core business passing decisions down to IT nerds flying drones.

    The only real warriors kept will be the designated scape goats when things invariably go to shit.

  6. Remeber when they told us about how evil Blackwater and all the private security contractors in Iraq were?

  7. Political Patronage (hacks) comes to the Military.
    What could go wrong?
    uhhh, Ash Carter, Secretary of Defense, Eric K. Fanning, Secretary of the Army, Deborah James Secretary of the Air Force and Ray Mabus Secretary of the Navy
    They have decimated our Military. Enough said !

  8. Obama will recruit heavily from BLM and The Black Panthers. Plus look at the other groups he loves with the leadership skills he wants: Mexican drug cartels, ILLEGAL alien gang leaders, the Chicago gangsters and thugs, despotic democrat leaders who did not get re-elected, and then of course he can pretend to hire people and launder more money into his offshore accounts.

  9. This does raise my suspicion that this Adm. want to undermine the cohesion of the officer class and undermine it’s moral framework but diluting it down with people who haven’t been engrained with the military’s discipline or culture.

  10. Why shouldn’t our military officers be untested and inexperienced?
    The preznit never even got hired by McDonald’s and he’s the Commander In Chief.

    But if that traitor really does rescind the Second Amendment, all bets are off.

  11. I am at least comforted by the thought that if faced with the military, it’s going to be lead by people who have the same experience in warfare as I do. None!! Should be interesting.

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