Obama’s State Dept and USAID Help Funnel Tax Dollars To Soros Group In Albania

Judicial Watch has uncovered documents showing that $9 million in tax payer money was funneled to a George Soros organization to influence the political process in Albania.

It appears that embassy officials in Tirana directed top officials of  The Open Society Foundation on how to apply for US grant money to support “grassroots democracy” and “anti-corruption” efforts.

Judicial Watch alleges that the money wasn’t used as intended and instead went to support socialists in Albania, “That included working with the country’s socialist government to push for highly controversial judicial “reform.” More

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  1. Just yesterday I had coffee with a new friend, a 70-something woman, who was born and raised in Iran. We got to talking about UK and US involvement in the ME, Saudi Arabia, etc. I had to confess that I am ignorant on the history of that involvement and the more recent examples of it. But she brought this up and now I’ll have something more concrete to discuss with her about it. She is a very smart woman, but her biases run leftward, so I’m somewhat skeptical as to her facts. Nonetheless, she is so smart and keeps up with what is happening in Syria, Iran, Iraq, and the ME, generally. Some of her statements make me think she is getting bad info and if she was challenged to consider the truth, she would be more interested in that than any ideology. She thinks, for example, that muslim extremists who want a caliphate are a cult — so she’s got that part right. But she also said that Israel’s designs on Palestine were over the top and wrong and that Bolton et al are on the wrong path with Israel. She grew up in Iran before the revolution.

  2. Wonder how much of a rebate Obama gets from our money he was so generous with. IRS audit seems in order. (Are they still crooked as hell?)

  3. Of course. Is there anything that faux president did that was legal? Anything? And thanks to our two level justice system, he’ll continue living off the funds of the American taxpayers, like most ILLEGAL ALIENS.

  4. I am sick thinking hard working
    Americans’ money went to that evil
    Nazi collaborator.Find Obungo and
    get the noose !


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