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Obama’s Thanksgiving: Turkey, prime rib, six kinds of pie

WaExaminer: President Obama and his family were planning a Thanksgiving feast on Thursday at the White House that included three main courses and lots of extras on the side.

michelle ham

And as usual, lots of pie.

A White House pool report listed out the the several succulent features of the meal:

  • Thyme roasted turkey
  • Garlic jus and cranberry-orange relish
  • Honey-baked ham and apricot-mustard glaze
  • Prime Rib and Creamed Horseradish
  • Cornbread stuffing with chorizo and roasted peppers oyster stuffing
  • Braised winter greens (collards, kale and turnip greens)
  • Macaroni and cheese
  • Sweet potato gratin
  • Yukon gold mashed potatoes
  • Green bean casserole
  • Fresh greens
  • Kale Caesar salad

And for dessert, six kinds of pie:

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  1. I would demand as Com. in Chief the exact same meal our troops are eating on T-Day even if it had to be flown in.

  2. Thanksgiving Dinner a la Yonkers:

    –Butternut Squash Soup
    –Sliced Plum Tomatoes on a Bed of Field Greens with Yogurt – Chive Dressing
    –Roast Turkey Breast
    –Rye Stuffing with Sausage and Sage
    –Mushroom Gravy
    –Pan-roasted Potatoes
    –Mashed Turnips
    –Confetti Vegetables (diced red peppers, diced carrots, corn, and peas) with Sage Butter
    –Croissant Rolls
    –Trifle of Pumpkin Bread, Vanilla Yogurt, and Dried Fruits (raisins, cranberries, cherries, and apricots)

    EVERYTHING made from scratch, even the rolls and the gravy, with a lot of love. Despite having made certain items ahead, I spent from 6:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. in the kitchen. I bet my dinner tasted just as good as the Obamas,’, and I know my cats were better company!

  3. I don’t begrudge my head of state living a sumptuous life, but I do think this menu is somewhat over-the-top and in – your – face in this kind of economy.

    What say y’all?

  4. Wonder what the poor vets were eating?

    This vet is having:
    Smoked turkey, it’s hard to keep lit.
    Roasted potatoes with fresh picked garden herbs and pink sea salt.
    Roasted sweet potatoes, those casseroles are sweet wall paper paste.
    Broccoli with asiago cheese sauce.
    Salad, my wife makes an awesome sink salad.
    Apple pie, would give you the recipe but then would have to kill you. I do buy the crust, if you can’t make a better crust, why bother? Besides, less cleanup!

    We are having Thanksgiving today, better for those coming, it is all about friends and family, eh?

  5. MRE’s, meals refused by everyone or meals refused by Ethiopians. Viet Vet, one time during an unrep on board the Kitty Hawk we found a whole bunch of left over cases of C-rats from Korea and World War 2 in the back of a food storage locker. They must’ve been there in case they ran out of everything else in case of an emergency. And the worst job I ever had on board the ship was being shit canned as a mess cook my last 3 months before I got out of the Navy.

  6. “Roasted sweet potatoes, those casseroles are sweet wall paper paste.”

    Agreed! They are already sweet, why add more? I bake them and just add butter. Yummmm!

  7. We had C-rats in Vietnam – only the LRRPs got the freeze-dried stuff back then. Funny thing is, if you get hungry enough they don’t taste too bad, especially if you get creative and mix/match different types of individual meals (nothing could make the ham and lima beans palatable, though). If you had some C-4, you could even cut off a small piece and sorta have a hot lunch (in a tin can, of course). They even had little 4-packs of cigarettes, but since I didn’t smoke, I always gave mine to the Vietnamese kids, who all smoked and were constantly trying to bum cigarettes off the guys.
    They’re probably all dead of lung cancer or emphysema today.

    P.S. – I hear ya on the mess cook job. Worst MOS in the military – like being on permanent KP, I would think.


  8. Such largesse in a time of economic problems (even if they are hiding most of the coming mess from you) and even in true good times this is too much. The only excuse would be if the President were entertaining a number of guests but even then it’s a bit much. Perhaps these dinners should be dictated by how hard a President works and how successful he/she is at protecting the country and creating an economic environment where success will be granted to those with the drive and ambition to better themselves. Then this fellow would get a can of baked beans, a loaf of day old bread and a twinkie.

  9. I ate two MRE’s last week that were left over from Hurricane Ike, eight years ago. I have six cases left and I’m experimenting to see how long they are edible. If y’all quit hearing from me, well, I guess we’ll have the answer.

  10. Remember when the Progs criticized Prez Bush for visiting the troops in Bagdad for Thanksgiving?
    Good times, good times.

  11. I’ll have the prime rib, braised winter greens and the cherry pie sans crust please.

    Dang, I’m wanting to get a prime rib and a Turducken for Christmas dinner. Not sure how big a mortgage to take out though.

  12. We found a prime rib at about $10/lb the other week. We froze it for Christmas – after cutting off a steak for the grill. Ain’t gonna eat no “turducken.”

  13. I’m not going to say they can’t have a nice Thanksgiving meal, but it should have been JUST THEM. Not all this extravagant show for a ton of people. Make that 2 tons. Mich included.

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