Obama’s Yanny / Laurel moment. Do You Hear “Person” or “Precinct”?

@SimpsonMiska picked up on this Yanny / Laurel moment.

Do You Hear “Person” or “Precinct”?

Obama “Don’t tell me your vote doesn’t matter. I’ve won states in the presidential election ’cause of 5, 10, 20 votes per person?” What do you hear?


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32 Comments on Obama’s Yanny / Laurel moment. Do You Hear “Person” or “Precinct”?

  1. he says “per precinct”

    also said “to POTUS” How hard is it to say Nazis are bad?
    POTUS returned embassy to rightful place in Israel, how is it you think
    he likes Nazis??? barky?

  2. “Precinct”. I also remember once hearing ’bout keeping my Dr. and some drivel about the Muslim call to prayer yada yada yada. God, I really dislike that guy.

  3. Remember when he was “No Drama Obama”? Now he’s a desperate, high-pitched, bug-eyed, gesticulating ranter. Not a good look for him at all. At at at at least he didn’t stutter.

  4. Yanny and Laurel?! Oh God we all had that completely buried, and you just up and rip it out of the compost heap again.

    Look at all the rot and maggots.

  5. Just remember that it was during the Obama administration that “POTUS” became an acronym for “Piece Of Thoroughly Useless Shit.”

    Just sayin’.

  6. From the first time I tried to listen this self-absorbed loving to hear his own voice POS after it was done all I could remember was “I”, “Me” and “um”. Never once after could I find any substance. Eight F’ing years of meaningless “I”! He did always give “shiftless” a true meaning though.

  7. Don’t know. Didn’t watch. Last thing I want to hear is the voice that tortured me for eight years. If I had known you can impeach a President just because you don’t like him…….

  8. Precinct. That’s his black southern Oprah-esque twang when speaking to hipsters or a room full of colored foke.

    Hilary lapses into the same drivel after a dollop of hot sauce.

  9. The big earred bastard said “precinct”. He just wishes it was “person” – in Chicago it probably was multiple votes per person. God, I hate his voice. Pure evil.


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