Obamasons are targeting couples, raping women in the street forcing male companions to watch – IOTW Report

Obamasons are targeting couples, raping women in the street forcing male companions to watch

2 Detroit couples robbed and sexually assaulted by gang of men

The quote I find most interesting is by a spokesman from New Era Detroit
‘We are not going for that anymore in the community. We’re not standing for that, we’re coming to a point where we’re sick and tired. We’re sick and tired of being sick and tired.”

Doesn’t this quote imply that there was a time when they did tolerate that sort of behavior?
And that folks is what it looks like when a prog evolves into a fed up prog.
This imbecile will still vote for the left, not ever realizing that it’s the left that foments this environment.
It’s like the right doesn’t even exist. It’s not even a consideration.
Suffer bitches.

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  1. I think he’s channeling a little Waylon?

    [i]Well, I’m sick and tired of wakin’ up sick and tired
    As of today there’s gonna be some changes made
    Well you might as well keep your feet on the ground
    Cause I won’t stand still for your movin’ around.[/i]

  2. I’m not surprised that this is happening in Detroit. Detroit is the capital of feral humans in the USA.

  3. Ohhh wow, bet those thugs are shaking in their boots, “not going for that anymore”

    Yessiree, you think you need to live anywhere where there’s more than a sprinkling of them, knock yourselves out(or they will).

  4. And when the police ask for help at a crime scene, what’s the usual response? “I didn’t see nothin’ “.

    What you sow, you reap.

  5. I’m surprised no one else has seen the obvious connection between this and other crimes. The shirts with sewn in hats, known as “hoodies” on the street. Make those illegal and all your problems are solved.

  6. Thanks to Obunghole and other assorted dirtbags, Marxists, anti-Americans and slimy vermin a bunch of them are coming soon to
    a neighborhood near you and at your expense!

  7. Kill them.
    No recidivism.

    Self defense is NOT a RIGHT –
    it is an OBLIGATION.

    Part of our duty to society.

  8. So, once again we don’t read the description of the ‘alleged’ rapists / robbers beyond identifying the number of those ‘participating’ in the ‘alleged’ rape / robbery. Also, what was the ‘race’ of the couples?

    This is akin to the murderer of our military personnel not being identified as ‘Muslim’…

    I swear, PC is going to kill us all! Hussein must be so proud!!

  9. hold on, I’m missing something here.

    The couples – were they white?

    The perps – were they black?

    Or was it ‘Youths’ and ‘Couples’ and race had nothing to do with it?

  10. $20 Trillion in Johnson Great Society spending hasn’t moved the needle. At what point should we, can we, not care?

    Do we have to listen to these grievances forever?

    I’m freakin busy, keeping the wheels from coming off my OWN life – I can’t deal with other people problems on TOP of that.

    Get it Together, folks!!!! More time working, less time “protesting,” Kay?

  11. Be good to have a “sniper week’ in some of these neighborhoods!! A .22 in the buttocks would suffice….

  12. Work? Ain’t no work for a banger in DeeTroit. Bangers gotta make ends somehow but it ain’t workin for da man. That’s for woods.

    Rapin white cracka hoes is just how a banger gotta let off steam, yo.

    Jus’ Playin, yo. Banger doin white bitch a favor, showin’ her how good a black dick is. Gotta show the woods how it’s done.

  13. sorry I was just channeling by black side. Sometimes I identify as a black gang banger from deetroit. It’s my prerogative to identify how I feel, to say otherwise is discrimination.

  14. Part of every individual’s duty to himself and his family.

    Watch out you don’t throw out the individual baby for the collective bath water.

  15. $20 Trillion in Johnson Great Society spending hasn’t moved the needle.

    I respectfully suggest that you are mistaken. The $20T has indeed moved the needle. The problem is that it moved in the wrong direction: think of the opportunity costs of all the wealth destroyed by creating and blowing all that money.

  16. I couldn’t tell–his hoodie covered up his face. The only thing I could see for sure was that it was Obongo’s son.

  17. See people, this is where Obama’s new HUD program designed to move thugs to the suburbs may have unintended positive consequences.

    If you had been forced to have these criminals as neighbors you would have already killed them in self defense.

  18. The Moynihan Report (1965) was trying to raise a social alarm because of the alarming ~20% rate of Blacks being born to unmarried women in the early 1960s. Now it’s completely inverted and ~20% of Blacks are born into a 2-parent household. The Democrat Party portrays itself as the friend of the Black man but in reality they’re using them just as most politicians of both parties use people.

  19. Well, if the intended target just happens to move in the wrong direction, at the wrong time. . . . . .

  20. I’ve watched “Bait Car” on tv and think that technique would work here. Bait them. Set them up and then take them out. Fill in the blanks with any manufacturer or caliber of your choice.
    And don’t bother calling the police – they apparently have better things to do.

  21. Hmm. This could be useful for the right squad of people and an old beater van with ISLAM SUXXX painted on one side and MOHAMMAD BLEW DOGS on the other, and parked near one of those bogus “cultural centers.”

  22. Note that the store behind cashes checks, sells Liquor and”FINE wine.” So MD 20/20 and Colt 45 are fine wine?

  23. That would work as bait. How about a big box van set up like a bear trap that pulls them inside, only to find that there is no escape and they just woke up the sleeping giant swamp hogs that haven’t ate for a week.
    That would be a hell of a lot more fun to watch than Bait Car.

  24. Norman, I’m crying…..oh my sweet Lord….trying to send this to my family back in the Detroit area…..

  25. “I am sick and tired of being told that I should be sick and tired. Because I’m certainly not! And I’m sick and tired of being told that I am.”

    – Monty Python, Killary, et. al.

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