Oberlin College Pressures a Bakery Into Letting Minorities Shoplift From Its Store

Gibson’s Bakery maintains that Oberlin wanted a “first time shoplifter” free pass, and when they didn’t comply they accused the bakery of racial profiling an all sorts of unnamed but nefariousness.

The college said “they’ve heard things” about the bakery?

What? They have kidnapped negroes in the basement?

Gibson’s sued Oberlin.

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21 Comments on Oberlin College Pressures a Bakery Into Letting Minorities Shoplift From Its Store

  1. Gibson’s has been in Oberlin forever. Excellent donuts and pastry. It’s time for a day trip next week to buy mass quantities of stuff. The homemade butter pecan ice cream is exceptional. When I worked at Oberlin College I came to despise the pampered little shit students. Nothing has changed.

  2. Just visited this bakery a few weeks ago when I went home to visit my parents in a nearby city. I remember very well when this incident happened. Oberlin deserves to get sued over this. The folks who own this place were treated horribly.

  3. What a cool retro shop, I don’t imagine they built their dream with the shoplifting negro in mind though . The shop is all windows and is completely lit up and transparent, which must be upsetting when you and your homeboyz can’t steal in private !!!
    They will grow up thinking this is how life works Period, maybe the Lib’s plan !

  4. I hope that when they lose, the judge triples the damages , and the college keeps on losing students and money.
    Its time to put an end to this crap and start calling everyone on the left what they are , bigots. They are the most vile of the vile.
    Were is Rat Fink to finish up for me.

  5. I posted the long version of this story a while back. The short version is as follows: early 20’s harvested an 8 point buck. Buck is loaded into a Ford Thunderbird with head hanging out of the back. Drove all around town over and over again trying while my friend and i tried not to pee ourselves from laughter do to the horrified look on the snowflakes faces.

    Eugenia, give me a heads up and we will raise a doughnut for Fur and send him pictures from the store.

  6. They should be able to afford to pay Gibson off. They just passed 2 more school levy’s and were approved as a location to have a pot dispensary. Look up Chronicle Telegram, or Lorain Morning Journal (i think its still called that) an search Oberlin+pot.

  7. Liberals are skilled liars,unashamedly so.If you can lie to yourself then there is no problem living a lie.Groomed for marxist trash talking.Oberlin college is renowned for its liberal style and hate mongering.

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