Ocasio-Cortez’s mentor Bernie Sanders still pushing that ’12 years’ thing

He sounds like he has the “intelligence of a sea sponge.”

Breitbart: Bernie Sanders Puts Climate Change Doomsday Clock at 12 Years During Rally in Alabama.

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama – At a Sunday afternoon campaign stop, one of several stops of a southeastern United States swing, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) warned the United States had 12 years to “aggressively” confront climate change, or “disastrous results” would be forthcoming.

With the 16th Street Baptist Church as a backdrop, the Vermont U.S. Senator and candidate for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination went through his usual list of policy proposals but gave a declaration of urgency regarding climate change and the environment.

“Today on an issue that is not only of vital importance to our country, but to the world – we say to Donald Trump and the fossil fuel industry that climate change is not a hoax, that climate change is one of the great threats to this country and the planet, that climate change is caused by human behavior and that the scientists tell us that we have all of 12 years to aggressively go forward and transform our energy system, unless – we are going to see disastrous results and damage to this country and the world. Irreparable damage is the term they use,” Sanders said.  more here

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  1. Bernie- ““Now it seems to me that we have a moral responsibility to leave this planet in a healthy and habitable way for our kids and future generations,” he added. “

    I wonder how much trash was left on the ground by the “progressives” at this Dem rally. Did Bernie stay after it was over to help pick up trash or was it beneath him? You know being a member of the Politburo and all.

  2. They think and talk in jokes and mysteries.

    Oh, I did not really mean that BS.

    Yaaaaah. Riiiight AOC. Ya SAID it.

  3. Of course he’s pushing the “12 years left” thing. It’s all he’s got. It must have dawned on Sandy that she had a lot longer than 12 years to push the fraud.

  4. Speaking of trash, just how many thousand cubic miles of communist countries trash are floating around the world’s oceans?

  5. actually funny to see the ‘Progs’ be revealed as the new Puritans

    “Blasphemer! Do not mock the Word! Ye will surely die!”

  6. Al Gore promised that NYC would be “under water”
    by 2017. My despair at it being still above sea level
    “wounds my heart with a monotonous langour”.


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