Of Course the State Would Go After the Mom Who Slapped Her Kid For Rioting

The state thinks the kid is safer rioting than being bitched slap all the way home.

They are going after mom.


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  1. Of course the state will be a better corrections officer.

    Michelle’s healthy lunches will help him get off heroin, free gubmint’ cell phones and Ipads will then allow him to complete his homework on time, and the Black Liberation Theology counseling he gets from Obama’s civil rights commission will free him from any of those dreaded Christian values he might receive from his mom.

  2. How about doing this right after you arrest, try and convict the people who burned Katrice Gardner’s CVS workplace and home.

    Has anyone else thought that this whole Baltimore riot thing might be yet another Clinton black-bag operation (no pun intended) to discredit Maryland governor O’Malley?

  3. As unbelievably believable as this is, it’s a satire website.

    But as I write this, what the Baltimore Prosecutor is charging seems truly unbelievable.

    Bolt, or no bolt ?
    If the bolt is true, then this is no longer my country, it’s Al Sharpton’s. He can pay my share of the national debt. ROTFL!

  4. A CPS Baltimore spokesperson told Newslo: “After reviewing the video in question, it has come to our attention that Ms. Graham is a mother of six. Although her actions are somewhat understandable, we cannot allow a young man to suffer such violence and abuse, regardless of the cause. Therefore, CPS investigators will question Ms. Graham and her children, and will also conduct an investigation that will determine if Ms. Graham will be allowed to continue being her children’s legal guardian.”

    That little shit was COMMITTING violence and abuse to others! You gotta be kidding me!!!

    Oh, and she’s not his ‘legal guardian’, she is his MOTHER. How dare the state ‘determine’ if she can keep her own child. He got smacked, not beaten down and abused!

  5. I think it’s real, they are going after the mom who saved her son from being one of the many violent criminal children that CPS Baltimore seems to have no problem with.

    That is a very pure definition of insanity.

    The cops have to just stand there and catch bricks & molotovs pitched at them by violent felons, and the most wanted criminal is this very reasonable mom who probably just saved that boys’ life – in the long run at least.

  6. ” Ben Carson Suggests Allowing Only Lesbian Marriages: “The Bible Says Nothing About That” ”

    I think The Onion is better, but I’ll have to check them out when I have the time.

  7. Everyone is trying to cover their asses right now. Nothing will come of the case but CPS wants to have a form filled in even though they know they won’t be doing a damn thing. If they actually tried the media would crucify them, the Mayor would vilify them as she tried to shift the spotlight off her (she’s done by the way) and the cops and CPS knows it.

  8. Hell, I thought I was looking at the New York Times and Washington Post when I searched this. I didn’t notice the “.com.co” in the web address. Looks like they were all spoof sites in Columbia.
    Shit. I just now noticed this: “(satire)” ^^^

    I’ll be taking a nap now. lol

  9. “I heard she was just arrested and thrown in the same PADDY Wagon as Freddie !”

    MOMS in Baltimore will be on the streets tonight with rolling pins and iron skillets!

  10. They need to go after Michelle and Barack for telling the public that their daughter’s nickname is ‘SALTY BISCUIT’. How cruel to give her that nickname and even worse, announce to to the world. Pure denigration of the child, now and in the future.

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