Of elephants and Antifa

AT: In a 2012 article titled “Of Elephants and Men,” Wade Horn, president of the National Fatherhood Initiative, described disturbing events on an elephant preserve in Africa, when young males were separated from the older, male bull elephants.  Once they were free from mature male influence, the junior males wreaked havoc on their new environment, particularly the endangered white rhinos.  The entire article seems to be well researched and is striking in its revelations: the natural order of things is for ill disciplined males to confront and attack.

The details supporting the article most certainly offer the concept of a male destructive bent absent older male authority.  In modern jargon, it is what it is.

Like the elephants, Antifa is composed mostly of fatherless young men who become uncivil and violent while they remain in their home “caves” with their mommas.  What and whom these young men oppose matters little. They have no real ideological focus.  They simply are pushed to confrontation.

Young human males influenced not by mothers and fathers living together, but by mothers alone are like nitroglycerine prior to Alfred Nobel and his inventive dynamite – that is, an unstable, dangerous, and powerful compound before its natural composition was stabilized for a powerful and useful explosive.


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  1. I recall reading the story about the elephants a few years ago. As I recall the bull elephants on the problem preserve had been killed by ivory poachers. Leaving the juvenile males running wild. The solution was to bring in mature bulls from a different preserve which soon restored order. Putting a quick end to the property destruction, attacks on & the killing of other animals on the preserve by the juvenile males. Actually I think where I read it was in a previous similar essay about young violent men in inner cities due to a similar situation.

  2. You mean the Bible was right
    about the man being the head of a
    human family ? Imagine that !


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