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Excerpt from AUSCHWITZ: A NEW HISTORY by Laurence Rees
(US Printing 2005), Page 176 – 177

“The close links between the Nazis’ adult euthanasia program–which originated in the autumn of 1939 — and the staff of the Operation Reinhard death camps were described earlier. Those pioneers of the death camps, Wirth and Stangl, both began their careers in killing by helping to murder the disabled. But what is important to note here is the fact that the selection process for the adult euthanasia program was controlled by doctors, not by police — a practice that was perpetuated in Auschwitz. This intimate link was the necessary consequence of a pre-history of killing that elevated the removal of what the Nazis called “life unworthy of life”

(“lebensunwertes Leben”) to the highest duty of medicine. It was this perverse logic that made it unsurprising to the killers that a medical practitioner, Dr. Eberl, could become the commandant of the death camp of Treblinka.

By the time Eberl took up his job at Treblinka this concept of “life unworthy of life” had, of course, been extended from the mentally and physically disabled to the Jews. In attempting to justify the killing, of the Jews, the SS doctors fell back on the early Nazi propaganda lie of the Jews as a corrupting influence on the body politic. “Of course I am a doctor and I want to preserve life,” said Dr. Fritz Klein, one Nazi doctor. “Out of respect for human life, I would remove a gangrenous appendix from a diseased body. The Jew is the gangrenous appendix in the body of mankind.”

From the purist Nazi point of view, therefore, Auschwitz and the other death camps were an excuse in health management –facilitating the removal of people who were a burden or threat to the well-being of the state.”

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  1. “…an excuse in health management—facilitating the removal of people who were a burden or threat to the well-being of the state…”

    The progressive left today understands very well that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

  2. In 7th grade I had a teacher that recommended to the class the we read the book Treblinka. My 7th grade mind couldn’t grasp the reality of the book. I revisted the book in my early thirties. Now when liberals compare Trump to nazis I just laugh.

  3. The abortioneers are no better than the Nazis. Deciding who lives and dies. The left will dispose of us like they kill the unborn and born alike.

  4. Texas Gov. Abbott shows his true RINO colors today by requiring masks for any county with more than twenty Covid cases. They are double and triple counting cases to get their numbers. If you get shot in the head in Dallas county you are a victim of Covid not murder.
    F’ing traitor.

  5. NO, these were not doctors, despite their titles or education. Doctors take the Hippocratic oath. These people were sociopaths who did things in the name of “science”, or national socialism (nazism), emphasis on socialism.

  6. So, declaring racism to be a health crisis could lead to euthanasia of people innately carrying racism, aka ypipo, aka ytes,aka crakas?

  7. began their careers in killing by helping to murder the disabled

    And I’m out. If you’re going to begin your story, with a lie that obviously false, then I’ve got #BLM truths to lick.

  8. The link between Darwinism and Nazism has been addressed by several researchers and authors.

    Darwin changed the world alright…from OK to horribly bad.

  9. What’s missing is the mental image of Piglosi and Margaret Sanger having a discussion on health management.

  10. Behold the elimination of seniors’ lives in the state of New York, when Gov. Cuomo ordered ChineseVirus patients to nursing homes.

  11. We are reading The Complete Maus by Art Spiegelman vol. 1 & 2 a comic book style graphic novel about the Holocaust. Mice are depicted as Jews and cats are the Nazi’s in this surprisingly good book. One of the members of my book club is a History professor at Gonzaga University in Spokane, he picked the book for next Thursdays meeting, it should make for a very interesting meeting. I got the book from Amazon yesterday and I am currently reading it. We’ve read well over 100 books or so in the 12 years or so we’ve been getting together as an all guys book club, this is the 1st graphic novel we’ll read and from what I’ve read so far this is another very worthy book that we’ve read. My book club is called the Tiger Ray’s book and wine club named after a friend of ours who started the book club and a was a history teacher at a local middle school before he unfortunately died from a heart attack at the age of 50 in Sept. 2008. We still miss him. All of our members are over 60 except for one younger very conservative guy who is an aide to our local Mayor and we have all known each other for at least 30-45 years or so since we all used to be part of the same church and grew up together as we got older and we’re having more fun being in a book club than all the years we were part of the same church. I love these guys like brothers.

  12. The virus is the first politically controllable disease in history. I hope Fauci and Birx are hanged for treason. For creatively adjusting Covid numbers up to maintain lockdown.

  13. @geoff. I obtained and read MAUS last summer. Interesting perspective. Spiegelman crafted those stories so well.

  14. Is whitey the gangrenous appendix on the body politic for BLM? They have a gigantic war chest and I swear they’re going to run Mooch Soetoro in November.

  15. @Extirpates July 2, 2020 at 7:01 pm

    > I hope Fauci and Birx are hanged for treason.

    Deep. I just want them hanged for being card carrying members of The Party.

    I’m a simple man. With simple needs.

  16. @Geoff

    I take issue with Maus and Spiegelman. I am a cat person (also love dogs, horses, and birds and lots of other animals) and I don’t appreciate him portraying any innocent animal species as Nazis.

    Given the cruelty doled out to cats for centuries (slaughtered during the middle ages because some Pope didn’t like them), killed because ignorant people associated them with witchcraft, and even continued cruelty up to today. Given their history, I liken them to the Jews of the animal world. Yeah, I have a bleeding heart about it, and can’t even read stories of the cruelty these beautiful animals have suffered.

    Therefore, it would have made more sense for Spiegel to portray cats as Jews and Nazis as rodents. But portraying any innocent animal species as Nazis shifts the blame off humans and transfers it to the animal. I wonder how many times cats have been abused by someone who read Maus.

    It disturbs me that Spiegelman would do something as low as that. Why even write a comic book about such happenings in the Third Reich? There are tons of books out there that provide a lot more depth and understanding of those events than would a comic book.

    I hope I never by chance meet him because an encounter could get ugly.

  17. @ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ July 2, 2020 at 9:09 pm

    > ever heard of Aktion T4?

    Why, Mr. Smith! You know Greek is not allowed in Airstrip One.

  18. @TimBuktu An excellent movie exploring that theme is Expelled no intelligence allowed By ben Stein, I highly recommend it

  19. And the majority of the Conferees at Wannsee were lawyers.
    This, and the fact of the MD’s complicity in Treblinka, et al, should surprise NO ONE.

    Universities have been churning out amoral monsters since before Carlyle was writing about it. Goethe’s (d. 1832) “Baccalaureate” is an example of the arrogant, insolent, nihilistic, and ignorant nature of the “college boy.”

    We’re always shocked that yesterday existed – that every imbecility of mankind is merely a repeat of an earlier imbecility. Our technology improves but we are basically the same as we were 6000 years ago when we laid the foundations of Ur.

    Himmler, himself, stated: “You’re here to kill these women, not to torture them!” at one incident he supervised. An Agronomist by education, I believe.

    izlamo delenda est …

  20. @Flip

    No I’m not.

    The Nazis portrayed Jews as swarming rodents (rats) in their films. Spiegelman should not have done likewise.

    I would ask the bastard why he did that if I ever run into him.


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