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Oh, Canada – How Could You?

Our Northern neighbors are just beginning to realize that their Trudeau-led government has been snookered into committing upwards of $241 million to a Clinton associated non-profit, The Clinton Health Access Initiative, and have already forked $20 million.

More on the money committed Here

More on the tax payer money already Here




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  1. Trudhole to be appointed to the board of the Clinton Health Access Initiative 12 hours after he leaves office?

  2. And Canada is the #1 stupid country of the week for the 20th time this year (four in a row) edging out France, Mexico, England, and Germany, and a huge host of also rans, eh! The other four runner-up countries are plotting ridiculously idiotic activities for the very near future so as to better contend for the vaunted title of “#1 STUPID COUNTRY”!

  3. This arsehole has a foundation under the family name, that was funded by industry fucking Canada. It is untouchable by GOV audit.

  4. Just saw a story on FB (sorry no link) that ole Justin said He could

    prolly whip Putin in a fight….The Pay-per-view could pay off our

    National debt…and Canada’s…and Mexico’s and Puerto Rico’s and !

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