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Oh Dear…

h/t Susan.

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  1. Our poor little darlin’ in the initial post on the main page ……. bless her heart.

    And the poor ol’ thang with the Walmart tattoo …… bless her heart too LOL.

    And on a side note MJA, I like our favorite little curmudgeon in her St. Patrick’s day get-up too.

  2. Who is that little girl with the scrunched face?
    It’s black and white so I assume it’s the 40’s or 50’s

  3. In another month she’ll be wondering what color wig to buy to cover what little peach fuzz left on her head.

  4. @Billy Fuster: If you think Neiman Marcus uses those kind of bags, then obviously you have never shopped there. The only plastic involved in the purchase will be the kind that comes from your wallet.


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