Oh Dear, National Review’s Own Poll Has Trump Smoking the Field

He leads by more than double to the second place finisher.

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  1. They must be getting ready to fold up the operation. Good. Another veil is torn away from the hucksters and elitists. I guess they could not suppress how pissed average people are anymore.

  2. Better yet, what’s the Right Poop do? I had to unlike those crazy bastards today. By the way they ran a similar poll yesterday. Same results

  3. Being honest and putting out information, even when it doesn’t look good for you is just sooo Republican.
    Why haven’t they evolved enough to learn to hide the negative stuff?
    Like, I mean, oh wow man, who would be so stupid that they not only went against the herd, but also published info proving that they weren’t running with the herd.
    What dummies!
    Thinking for oneself is just like way overrated man.
    Now, where did I leave that primo bud?

  4. Well, there are only a few options. And as things perc along we’ve seen some of everything and we’ll probably see some more.

  5. Folks, I’m no kid. I’m solidly in my 50’s. And I’ve been hanging around this virtual watering hole now since 2009. So I’m not a newbie, and most of you guys aren’t, either.

    So if I have any amount of built-in good will here, I’d like to ask for the benefit of a doubt. I’m not saying my thought process is infallible; I’m just another American dude at the end of the day. But here’s the thing.

    America is deeply, deeply in danger right now. Nobody, at least anyone serious, who frequents this site disagrees. We are seriously, perilously close to an edge that if we breach the guardrail of, we might not ever recover from.

    Thirty plus years of the New World Order, whether it was George Herbert, or William Jefferson, or Walker Texas Ranger Bush, or the famous Kenyan CommieCrat, have brought real Americans, Americanism, the American Dream, to a screeching fucking halt.

    You know I’m right. You feel it in the marrow of your bones.

    So who we choose as our next nominee is the difference between America, and by extension, Western Civilaization, saying “fuck no, we aren’t giving up”. Shit, Western Europe already has, whether they even know they’re toast yet or not.

    That’s not hyperbole. It’s Zero Hour.

    It’s really a time for choosing, as Dutch himself famously said.

    So if we agree that this is the crossroads we’re at, who is the best change agent to break this tangent we’re on?

    Is it Ted Cruz?

    I’d submit to you that he’s a brilliant man, albeit a wonk, a young man in a hurry.

    Good potential.

    But unready.

    And Trump.

    If you don’t already get him, I’m not sure I’m skillful enough to swing you. But he’s orders of magnitude more persuasive than Cruz is presently. Orders of magnitude more accomplished.

    Why not call a truce and let the older man set the table for the revolution (of the bloodless variety, not unimportantly) while the younger man, a brilliant man, matures in his tutelage, his shadow?

    Trump/Cruz 2016

    Now more than ever.

  6. Yes, Chief.

    I don’t know where we’re going, but, if it is not Trump, it will be worse..

    (Think about Burns, Oregon. It might get warm inside the USA, also.) ….Lady in Red

  7. Back to Cruz, Chief.

    If you research his career — try google — it’s not pretty: clawing, egomaniacal, destroying friends, colleagues…. Not pretty.

    His wife is Goldman Sachs.

    He “forgot” to mention the Goldman Sachs and Citibank loans on his FEC filing. Those loans were “signature guarantee” — which means nothing. Goldman Sachs requires collateral — think blood — unless they are “giving” money away. wink-wink.

    What does Ted owe Goldman Sachs? …smile…

    Ted Cruz is not a White Hat. Like the others, he is a Pod.

    …Lady in Red

  8. Chief,

    I respect what you tried to do here, and I am in agreement with the first part of your statement. I believe that everyone here sincerely believes our country is in terrible trouble.

    But I am one of those that just “doesn’t get” Trump. I have a close friend who, with her husband voted for Obama in 2008 because they were so disgusted with the state of the country and wanted to see “change.” Look what it got us. They wised up in 2012 but it was too late. Now they are both for Trump, and I sincerely think it is the same situation. It’s “hope & change” on steroids. I see Trump as a bombastic egomaniacal asshole with a ridiculous comb-over. Yeah, he’s rich. So what? I look at what he has stood for his entire life and cannot believe he suddenly had a “come to Jesus” moment and is now conservative. He is not. Just like his spokesperson, Katrina Pierson, is not. I am very disappointed in Ted Cruz for having her on staff. With Trump, I think he and Katrina are two of a kind. I think his campaign is a pure ego trip. Either that or he is trolling us, making fools of all the “stupid” conservatives.

    So now I will be accused of supporting Hillary or Sanders because I can’t jump on the Trump bandwagon. Bottom line…I cannot stand him. He disgusts me. How does one change that?

    Dianny said something the other day that I think I may need to consider. She said she should probably stay away from this site, at least until after November. It has become a Trump echo chamber and although I’ve been here as long as you have, I really don’t feel welcome anymore.

  9. Trump would NEVER pick Cruz as his running mate. Trump values loyalty and would never trust such an ambitious opportunist. Besides, the eligibility issue would make Trump look like a hypocrite. .

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