Oh, Deer Part Two – IOTW Report

Oh, Deer Part Two

Images from:

1) TennDon (Deer) Piebald White Tail Deer at Radnor Lake State Park, Nashville, TN.
2) SNS (Deer) Had a lady come calling the other day
3) SNS 01 (Deer) And this nosy neighbor peeked to see if we’re home.
4) SNS 02 (Deer) …then wandered off when we didn’t answer.
5) Hambone (Deer and Squirrel) Back yard buddies.
6) Hambone (Deer) Mom and her twins.
7) Hambone (Deer) Young buck on babysitting duty.
8) Tim-FJB (Deer)
9) Tim-FJB (Deer)
10) Eugenia (Deer)

I still have some Deer Photos left over! I will include them in the next Random iOTWr Critter post.

To submit your critter pictures for a future Sunday Critters, please email them to:



  1. A picture you/family/friend took and agree to publish here. NO images found on the internet.
  2. ‘Critters’ in the subject line.
  3. Your screen name.
  4. Your critter’s name (or species, if not your pet).
  5. Comments about the critter you want to share.

NEEDED: If your picture is for any of the following themes, please name the theme.

  • 10-2, Show Off – Please have your pictures in to me by FRIDAY at NOON. – You must have critters that like to show off. Show off your critters!
  • 10-9, Mind Your Own Business – Don’t disturb me! Take off, eh!
  • 10-16, Trail/Doorbell cameras – What kind of critters have you captured on Trail Cams and/or Doorbell cameras? Theme idea from Jethro.

Thank you, contributors!

23 Comments on Oh, Deer Part Two

  1. Last week I took an evening walk through the neighborhood and counted 23 deer in just three of my neighbors’ yards.
    Rats with hooves.

  2. Good morning Lady C, always nice to have an animal break even if it is venison on the hoof.

    This nosy gal is, I think, one of a sister duo that has been on the other side of the house a lot lately, helping themselves the the garden spred my wife thoughtfully laid out for them. Not pictured (for obvious reasons) is that this li’l lady left her “calling card” on the walk before strolling away, perhaps piqued we didn’t open the door and greet her with a salad from the surviving veggies.

    I don’t really mind her helping herself, though. It could end up she’s just banking the food for us in the flesh, and she may be asked to repay the failure should we require her to do so one day. You never know who you might have over at dinner, after all, or how the verb “have” may be used in this case…

    May you have a blessed Sunday,

  3. Oh deer indeed. I tried to get some shots (photographs) of a small doe with her two fawns last month, but alas my photography skills are somewhat lacking.
    Thank you Claudia and you submitters for a break from the tedium of the world. Hope you all have a great and blessed week.

  4. Deer me, what a lovely set of pictures! Especially that first one from @TennDon of the piebald white tail. Thanks to all!

  5. My daughter and I drove to Hunters, Wash. yesterday which is about an hr. and a half from Spokane to pick up a new puppy. We picked up a 3-month-old-male border collie puppy from a litter of 4 male puppies who is blonde in color with a white stripe on his nose and around his neck with a rough coat more like a standard collie. I didn’t think that borders collies came in any other color besides black and white and I was pleasantly surprised at his unique coloration, but evidently there are many different colors to border collies. We named him Kirby, and so far, he’s proving himself to be a good pick. He’s a cute little puppy, housebroken and well-mannered and slept all thru the night in his kennel without a peep and even likes my cat and the cat so far is tolerating him. He’s a keeper who hopefully will be around for 12 to 15 years as he won’t be much bigger than about 50 pounds when he’s full grown. I’ll have pictures of him later.


    “pictures” … Oh, goodie! 😁 – Claudia

  6. When you paddle your kayak around a point and come face to face with a herd of young deer at the back of a cove its something beautiful to see.

  7. SNS SEPTEMBER 25, 2022 AT 8:15 AM

    “repay the FAVOR”

    …I see Spell Check having a wonderful Sunday as well…


    repay the flavor works too…

  8. Dadof4
    SEPTEMBER 25, 2022 AT 9:15 AM

    “repay the flavor works too…”

    …indeed, even BETTER maybe. a deer gorged on the wife’s ‘maters will be MUCH tastier than one who spent the summer starving on nettles, just sayin’…

  9. And in three pics, SNS answers the age-old question, “why did the deer cross the road?”…

    Okay, maybe it was a chicken, but today’s theme is about deers. So a deer it is.

    Have a great day everyone.

  10. Jethro, Re: “Rats with hooves”

    Canada Geese: Self Propelled Shitting Bag Pipes

    Cheers & Happy Sunday everyone.

  11. Lovely pictures and yes, possibly dinner on the hoof. These 3 show up every afternoon. Picture taken out the kitchen window.

  12. Kcir – I swear I don’t have Drain Bamage
    SEPTEMBER 25, 2022 AT 10:34 AM

    “Canada Geese: Self Propelled Shitting Bag Pipes”

    …we have a couple of flocks around various buildings in our campus, and this makes me laugh every time because it’s the best description of them EVER.

    Well done, thank you.

  13. Deerly beloved, we are gathered here today…

    Walked my daughter down the aisle yesterday. Late bloomers (careers first) as my twins both waited till their thirties to get hitched. Another dinner later today for immediate family and then done. Slept until 10:46 this morning and don’t recall doing that for any time in recent history.

    The weather forecast today is “tired old man.”

  14. And a lot of namby pamby baby boomers still think that Bambi (Bumbi on Animaniacs) was a horror movie especially after Bambi’s mom was killed by a hunter. The same thing goes for Old Yeller, gimme a friggin break they were only made-up kid movies and not real.


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