Oh, Glory Hallelujah!!! I Will Suffer No Fish-Eyed Fools!


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HT Unashamed Domestic Dame.

6 Comments on Oh, Glory Hallelujah!!! I Will Suffer No Fish-Eyed Fools!

  1. A Glock 42 or a Sig 239 would e perfect. Dang, look at the prices. Hate to say what a leather weaponized purse costs these days.

    Aunt Esther and Madame Queen – women with backbone.

  2. ‘I’m going to smack you so hard, you’re going to be inside out.’ Not sure whether I got that one. My moms favorite: ‘I’m going to beat you to a bloody pulp.’ Yes, I was raised in the eras that expected corporal punishment. Of course my mom never came close to that, but I never tested her. My sister, however, often did and I envisioned having to share a room that night with a ‘bloody pulp’. She said she knew, even as a small child, that it was only a threat. I still love those strong, watchful mothers who pay attention and carry a big ‘purse’, which they seldom have to use. Hum, sort of like gun freedom acting as a deterrent; makes the perp think twice.

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