Oh, isn’t this just a cozy arrangement


Jonathan Capehart is a gay writer for WAPO and he appears on MSNBC. He lives with a Clinton aide, Nicholas Schmit. Schmit owes his entire career to Hillary.

It seems strange that Capehart writes glowing articles about Hillary, while ratf*cking Sanders, yet never once disclosed that his cockubine is a Clinton staffer.

Cut to Chris Matthews.

His conflict of interest has caused 10,000 signatories to petition for his ousting off of his MSNBC soapbox.

The left has no problem making believe they are “journalists and reporters” when they are simply paid cheerleaders.


13 Comments on Oh, isn’t this just a cozy arrangement

  1. It was posted here early about gay people not bothering conservatives. Me either. But these two are fags and they bug the hell out of me.

  2. I agree Brad.
    And its not simply because they lube each others rectum and insert their penises in what should be a one-way street.
    They are just slimy, disingenuous bastards.

    Hillary has likely called more people faggots than anyone.
    That is, until it became politically expedient to “evolve”.
    Fucking liberals….

  3. Loco I seem to remember discussing the word FAG here before. You do not need to be gay to be a fag. Fags are like Rattlesnskes. When you run into one, you know it. I’m saw a shit load at the gym tonight. Pissed me off.

  4. So, for V.D. (Valentine’s Day), instead of chocolate covered strawberries*, they gave each other chocolate colored starfish?


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