Oh, Mary.

I get great insights to what the Left is up to thanks to my Seattle friends on Facebook. This week, all of my female friends and some of their feminist male counterparts are busy knitting pink p*ssy cat hats and swapping notes about where they’ll meet up to catch their Women’s March bus. They’ll march down the streets of Seattle/Olympia/Tacoma on January 21th. Washington DC is too far away-but boy they wish they could be there.

What are they protesting, really? The fear of losing Planned Parenthood funding I guess is one thing.  However, knowing their past comments about the election, this pouty behavior is because their candidate of choice lost. Their girl, Hillary, didn’t win the Presidency. That glass ceiling didn’t shatter. The rest of the country chose differently and it’s completely unacceptable to them.

Meanwhile, my daily newsfeed tells me what awful people Trump voters are and that Trump is essentially General Zod. It varies day to day but as the inauguration gets closer “the jazz hands crazies” start again from people I know and from people that I admire. Which brings me to Mary Englebreit-beloved kids book illustrator and licensing artist extraordinaire. Her art is on everything and everywhere. No doubt you probably have a design or two of hers in your house right now. Three years ago, she created several posters about Ferguson, Missouri and she wasn’t in support of the police. Her cute, sweet, whimsical style…

…is bitter and angry too.


My march on Washington was my vote on November 8 for Donald J. Trump. Now, this daughter-in-law of a retired police officer and a non-Hillary voter, will march by the next Mary Englebreit product I see on a store shelf somewhere. I don’t understand how such a talented and business savvy woman can write off half of her consumer base-but she can.

It’s about choice.





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  1. Uh, yeah. Your bodies, your business, your rights. But you want the tax payers to pick up the tab for your bad decisions, mistakes, accidents, birth control and abortions? You find a guy with a pulse, bed him down, then you want taxpayers to support your child?

  2. I got a desk calendar for my bday a few years ago. I saved one of the cutesy pages with a boy and a black and white spotty dog on it that said, “everyone needs their own spot” or something like that.
    I saw it in a drawer the other week and I remembered what a crunt she is, so I threw it away. I was saving it to buy a print of it, but screw that.

    Notice how the women on the sketch look super bitchy? You draw (heh) more flies with honey, ice queen.

  3. How come I never hear (I’m sure there are one or two sickos out there) ugly lefty women BRAG about how great it is to have a Dyson and a pair of tongs rammed up their woo woos and have their babies dismembered inside them? Do you just go on with life as if you just let a Bronx Cheer fly? What kind of emotional damage does abortion cause and what are the long-term psychological effects from it? “I choose to kill my baby and then turn into a walking lobotomy the rest of my life.”

  4. Your bodies, your business, your rights……your money. Don’t pick my pockets by force of Gooberment to pay for your bodies, your business, your rights.

  5. Meanwhile, local news stations in Seattle are awash with Liberals crying about the election, the inauguration, and the coming four years. We’re all gonna die!

  6. Her fabric and cross stitch designs used to very popular. I haven’t seen anything new in years and thought she had died. It seems she is brain dead.

  7. Maybe success has left her feeling empty and this is a way of making her art relevant. It would be too easy to make a patriotic Trump inaugural print-with little kids waving flags and holding apple pies-or would it? She’d be bullied for making a pro-Trump piece. Maybe this is a calculated move to get new eyes on her art and to expand her audience…thinking that her fans won’t abandon her. Or maybe she is a limousine liberal and has made enough money and just doesn’t care who she offends at this point in her career. Whatever it is-it makes sad and irritated. 😖

  8. I’ve seen her work for years and was a little jealous of her success. Who knew she was a bleeding heart leftist. Her work didn’t reflect the high level of stupidity she’s expressing now. I won’t waste my time following her work ever again.

  9. You got it, illustr8r: used to love her, but now she’s another
    “Madonna groping for attention and relevance in the 21st Century”
    kinda has-been.

  10. Thanks for posting this illustr8r. I’ve always enjoyed her work, but knowing this has soured me on her.

    @MJA – that’s exactly what I was thinking…how cranky and un-fun those gals looked. Who’d want to hang around them? 😀

  11. MJA, those eyebrows are fearsome. But why is the coloured person of colour the one who has to dress like Mooch?

  12. Living in WA state as a conservative from the south is very hard. I love the beautiful scenery here but the liberals ruin everything else. Please know that not everyone in Seattle is bat-sh!t crazy, most, but not all!!! I do not even pay attention to the news from Seattle or Olympia any longer. Their news just does not interest me.

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