Oh My Lort – Hillary wears see through bed sheet

Sorry folks.

She’s Fred Mertzin’ those pants. And her head’s a full stride behind the FUPA.


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  1. Honestly I guess my Super Man eye sight isn’t working. I absolutely hate when we go where they might. Exactly what are you guys seeing underneath this moo moo I can’t. I’m pretty sure it stinks. But no shit, I don’t see it.

    She even has pants and a diaper underneath the moo moo. Come on guys.

  2. I thought she was an extra from A Bridge Too Far


  3. Oh that’s just the FUPA accentuator ensemble collection by Giovanni ordered over her private server. Cutting edge?

  4. Just think – you could’ve had this hot Mama as your President, America!

    In your face! Every day!

    How could we have let this opportunity pass us by?!

    * sobs bitterly *

    (OK, I can’t go on with this. /sarc off/)


  5. This look is much more feminine than her pantsuits don’t you think…?….?…!

    She’ll be wearing a version of this on the campaign trail in 2020.

  6. Anybody here seeing a Killer Beaver? with teeth? Me neither. CSteven, please pass on your ex ray goggles. On second thought please don’t.

  7. Check out the end of the video, when she stands up. Refrigerator Perry could fit under that tent.

  8. That is NOT a bedsheet.
    A single bedsheet isn’t big enough.
    That is TWO bedsheets, sewn together.

  9. What is that beige rectangle thing, right about at her pants waistband? It looks a bit like a thumb drive.

    Is it her medic alert button; a symbolic slap in the face of America regarding her computer malfeasance; a reminder to congress that she has all the skeletons in their closets; or how she tracks the latest bids to sell America when she becomes president in 2020?

  10. Ya’ll are too f’ed up.

    Imagination is not always pleasant.

    Thanks for nothing for the ‘visuals’ imagined.

    I’m going to go cry, now

  11. All those stolen millions and she still looks like an unmade bed. The India peasant look is cartoonish, to be generous.

  12. Just seeing her face repulses me and elevates my blood pressure.
    This made me flat-line.
    Thanks to the EMT’s for the jump start.
    Regards to all from the ER,,,

  13. She would have been scolding and punishing us daily, even more than the queer did. At least there’s no mysterious crotch bulge but then I’m not gonna look too closely.

  14. If that repulsive sow was typical of what womanhood had to offer the species, we would have gone extinct long ago.

  15. Homeless Hillary? Did Bubba kick her out of the mansion(s) for the Energizer Bunny? She could always pitch a tent with that thing.

  16. It’s not a sheet, it’s designer hospital gown, in case she swoons again.

    This way they can admit her faster.

    And be glad she wore pants.

  17. Don’t they call those things Moo-moos? How appropriate for a heifer like her. And don’t forget those extra wide Skechers she stole from Howie Long!

  18. It’s from a Company called “KlanWare” It has a concealed Hood,

    and a pouch for Hot Sauce and/or Rope.

  19. …I do not see what the heck everybody else (cept bad brad I suppose) is seeing, and I don’t watch to stare at Hillary any longer trying to figure it out! Just make a power point presentation for me or something. Please. :b

  20. Is this the vision of the future that Bill Clinton had in mind all those years ago? No wonder he played around so much looking to land a smaller whale.

  21. Well, pants are way too high and she’s not wearing a camisole underneath the see-thru tent but for some reason, the tent has shoulder pads. LMAO. Someone should have warned her. But whoever sold it to her must not like her, either.

    The chick next to her- the collar on that dress is wrong. Too bunched up up top and too straight at the skirt. Doesn’t work. Looks like a thick rayon pillowcase. At least she has a separate liner underneath the sheer fabric down to just down to the thigh so it doesn’t expose her bidness.

    In summary, thumbs down on both outfits.

    [I often walk through shops re-designing clothes in my mind. LOL.]

  22. Uhhhhhh, see through doesn’t mean you see her naked.
    It means you can see through to her Fred Mertz pants, pulled up high over her revolting gunt.

  23. There just aren’t too many ways the queen can get even with us for not placing her royal ass on the throne, and this is one of them…..
    She forgot the pillowcase headcover though – you know you’ve slipped badly when you go out in public forgetting the accessories…

  24. MHA, perhaps the shoulder pads are actually on the harness that supports all of Hillary’s life-support gear, rather than built into the shower curtain itself.

  25. See through just means you can see where her white pants end (hitched up high) and her naked midriff begins, before the bra. That is plenty disgusting enough without wishing for more.

  26. the dnc is always bloviating about how it is a ‘big tent.’
    and now there’s more proof that clinton owns the dnc- she is wearing that big tent

    next month she’ll have on a hijab and have bernie’s red menace sitting on her lap

  27. Yeah, I get it but fugly is fugly. First thing I thought of though was how my grandpa used to Mertz up the pants too. LOL

  28. Toby@
    I remember the DNC claiming that the party was a big tent! I just didn’t realize they meant that Hillary would be wearing it out in public!

  29. Loose clothes like that hide the shape. Her shape is like a huge pear with elephant sized legs. Of course she wants to hide it.

  30. I can hear Horn Dog Bill sayin “Eat your heart out Donald, she’s all, and I men ALL, mine!”

    Well, she certainly does put the Moooooo in Moo Moo.

  31. Thanks to all for your well wishes. BFH you did kinda warn, Nods, and TY. Still scares me that at OZ FEST this chicken neck twat was not bitten the *uck out. Just proves LSD, heroin, secret service protection, and coke is not your friend. Why does this scum still stand?

  32. The Obammy DOJ and FBI corruptocrats deliberately chose not to investigate Hitliary’s many and massive crimes to ensure her election. Instead they chose to sabotage Trump’s campaign based on a foreign and fictitious dossier financed by Hitliary.

  33. @ John Jon Johnson – yes, a tent made by Omar the Tent Maker, a dear dear friend…from her Benghazi days…

    OZY lineup: I apologize, you must know thine own…ENEMY.


    Gillibrand was there as well, a senator assigned to me, so I wonder how that METOO went down??

    Didn’t realize Gladwell was such a neo-lib.



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