Oh No!!! Boobie the Rocket Dog Went to Dog Heaven

Riverlife Callie alerted me to a comment Boobie made that I missed yesterday.

 Boobie the RocketDog JULY 16, 2018 AT 2:29 PM

For those who may care: my Boobie went to Doggie heaven yesterday.

Yes, we do care. Boobie was, in my mind, the official mascot of the entire Pet Portrait gallery.

I’m sorry to hear this and am saddened.

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  1. I will mention this to Myrrhine, my beautiful gracious Great Pryenees, who went to doggie heaven a year ago, this month.

    I’ll ask her to keep an eye out for Boobie, if he needs anything. ….Lady in Red

  2. Hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in my life was making the decision to have my best friend, my dog of 21 years, put down. It’s been over 30 years ago, and it still brings tears to my eyes.

    Beautiful dog, Boobie…God Bless you both…

  3. I’m sorry you’ve lost your friend. My Sarah is likely in her last summer as well and she’ll be sorely missed.

  4. I hate hearing from people whose pets have passed over the rainbow bridge. Sorry for your loss.

  5. Oh NO!! I’m so sorry to hear about Boobie the Rocket Dog… that name always gave me a vivid picture of Boobie racing around in a yard or out on a trail. I always thought about how much fun he had running and running. RIP, Boobie. Your spirit lives on. Sending big hugs to your family. 🙁

  6. Oh no!!!! Boobie the Rocket Dog’s cute face has been a part of the iOTW family since the very beginning.

    It’s like we all lost a precious pet.

  7. So sorry to hear this. Boobie the Rocket Dog will be waiting at the Rainbow Bridge.

  8. When we take an animal into our lives…they are no longer an ‘animal’….they are one of us.

    When they pass…the world is a lesser place.

    “I hope to be half the man my dog thinks I am”

    Boobie, the great people at IOTW grieve with you.

    I will not say that I know what you feel. Nobody knows what you feel….it’s very personal.


  9. The only thing worse is to lose a child.

    It’s sad to lose a friend but a dog is more than that. They live with you and know you. Can tell when you are down, sick or over flowing with joy and they share all of it with you.

    We grieve with you Riverlife

  10. Boobie, it’s been three years and I still pat the corner of my bed where Zoe slept and tell her “night-night”. I find comfort in my memories of the 22 years we spent together.

    I pray that you will grieve and then be able to enjoy his memories, too. God bless you.

  11. I am so sorry for your loss of Boobie the Rocket Dog–just love the portrait BFH did of him We do care.

  12. Riverlife Callie…. I’d never seen the lovely God-Dog video before, or F4UCorsair Jimmmy Stewart’s moving tribute to his dog, Beau.

    I thought you folk might appreciate this poem I wrote for my doggie (and horse and cow and goat and kitty) hospital, long ago. Before I had Myrrhine, now gone one year, there were Atalanta, Guardian Huntress and her pal, Hippomenes, my Pyrenees guardian dogs.

    Dead Dog in Parking Lot (Spoiler alert! NO dead dog… …..smile…)

    Proud, matched, bleach-white, pony-dogs
    Pull in unison into the parking lot sunshine.

    Atalanta stops, falls to her side
    Four legs out, straight
    Head, jowls, body sink sideways into the rolling blacktop terrain.
    Eyes straight, unmoving.

    Get up.

    Lashed to her, Hippomenes waits, soldier-like
    His tail a stately adagio

    Get up!

    Freeze frame:
    Hippomenes, the stoic sentry standing
    Still but for his tick-tocking tail.
    Gently breathing, in and out, steady:
    Atalanta, an over-long pillow of fluff.

    Two white dogs, centered, as by an artist,
    upon a lake of black cinder tar,
    Enough for fifty, eighty, jutting cars, horse trailers, animal pens.

    Dead dog weight:
    Neck rises with my tug, then falls.

    Three brightly colored smocks rush out
    Arms and legs akimbo, breathless.
    “She’s had a reaction!”

    The metronomic tail continues, without notice.

    “She wants attention.”
    “No!” the kneeling female smock corrects.
    “Dogs don’t do that.”

    She strokes Atalanta’s head listening to dog breathing,
    “I’ll get a treat!” another offers, hurries off.

    “Has she done this before?”
    “Not often.”

    (This must be bad for business:
    (Large, white, dead dog in center of parking lot.)

    The treat arrives. Atalanta is unmoved, stares ahead,
    Disdains dog candy.
    “I think it’s the vaccine. A bad reaction.”

    “No, she doesn’t want to get in the car, go home.
    “She likes this, wants attention.”

    Two smocks kneel and stroke her.
    Again, the treat is offered.

    The great ermine fluffball turns, moves her eyes,
    Takes her goody in one great bite.

    Get in the car!

    The dogs trot off in tandem,
    Lumber into the back seat and wait.

    She’s eleven, not ten, as I had thought.
    November 12th, 1998, according to the records
    The new young vet studied
    As he stroked, rubbed, talked to Atalanta.
    Her blood will be sent to Purdue University:
    Nation’s best for endocrine nuance, analysis.
    Just forty bucks,
    Barely covers FedEx, tubes, dry ice
    I would have thought…
    (Cheaper than a human thyroid test,
    (Average lab, standard results.)

    In the car, the dogs lie down
    Content, accommodating each other for space.
    They understand:
    His rhythmic tail waved award;
    Her hyperbolic drama a salute:
    Doctor care worthy of discerning dogs, so:
    Thank you, from two dogs.

  13. I’m glad this got a full thread.

    You need to know we care.

    I remember when the name was “Boobie the Red Rocket Dog”, lol!

    Pretty sure Boobie was a male. 😉

  14. My condolences also on your loss. Nothing beats a good dog, I always wish they had longer lifespans. 🙁

  15. Oh no. Such sad news. The loss of furry family members is so hard. ((Hugs)) to you during this sad time.

  16. My deepest condolences on Boobie’s loss. Jellica and Peanut will show you around.
    (I sure do miss those two girls)

  17. @L-I-R – nice, thanks for posting.

    What were the test results? If my dog collapsed I would be in a panic.

  18. @Bayouwulf – that was lovely. I’ve added it to my collection, along with the Jimmy Stewart poem that F4UCorsair posted. 😉

  19. F4UCorsair

    Sorry this reply is gonna be buried…I just got back on.

    She was a mongrel, which is probably why she lived so long. Kinda looked like Petey on Little Rascals, but was more hound than pit bull. Tippy was her name. I kinda rescued her from an abusive owner when I was 10 and had a paper route. She was a couple years old then, and I had to put her down when I was 30, so the 21 years is a pretty fair estimate of how old she was. Just the sweetest dog ever. She adored me, and I her…

  20. I really do feel your pain. Still not over losing my Jody 3 years ago.

    We love our dogs like there’s no tomorrow. Then there isn’t.

  21. My grand parents, parents and siblings all gone and frankly I found that putting down our last two mutts much harder to deal with. Said that there would be no more and believe some here might remember Claudia’s last group with my daughter’s mutt heading the group. Spends more time with us and her “fur sibling” so, nobody listens to me.

    When you’re retired you spend even more time with them and it solidifies the idea that dogs are far better companions than humans could ever be. Saw the comment earlier and find it difficult to send my condolences because of my attachment to our mutts. Guts you when you lose them…

    Am reminded of the twilight zone episode where the dog saves the old man from mistakenly entering hell after his death. Tells him that there’s a separate place for his dog, but he won’t go in without his dog so he walks on to the real heaven where dogs are allowed. (“The Hunt.”)

  22. The pet portrait section of the blog has been dedicated to Boobie. She was a patriot pet before we had patriot pets. Boobie, the man, is an original reader/contributor/asset, and his screen name was his dog’s name, and we’ve been looking at her picture for almost a decade.

  23. Thanks Fur. Thanks, everyone. Boobie was my family for the past thirteen years.

    I never realized that a dog could get cancer, but . . .

    She was my girl.

    Dick K.

  24. losing a beloved dog is always so painful. every dog I’ve lost I swore I wouldn’t get another one … then some fuzzy-face seems to enter, somehow, into my life
    … & the process starts all over ….

    Condolences to Boobie

  25. Riverlife Callie….. Atalanta did have low thyroid and she took her meds and lived another year, until twelve, an extra long life for the breed. Hippomenes lived two years passed that, and I said never again…..

    Atalanta did have a lot of the drama queen in her and I knew that collapsing in the vet hospital parking lot was an act. Atalanta was wonderful, but, sometimes, a willful dog, and dragging 115 lbs of dead dog weight across the parking lot wasn’t a good idea — if I was even up for the exercise on a hot summer day. She thought it was all a wonderful attention-getting joke.

    It took a couple of years before the siren of Appalachian Mountain Great Pyrenees Rescue called me and…. ….there was Myrrhine (who had been pre-selected for me. Were it not for that I would have rented a motel room and spent a week “interviewing” all the dogs watching as I walked by, their eyes and gently wagging tails crying, “Pick me, pick me.”

    Like with BluesJunky, the passage of time dims some of the memories, but never the love.

    This time, I’ve said once more, “Never again.” But….?

    Now I’ve got twelve pregnant sheep and a donkey I’ve named Honeybunch who belong to a local farmer. I thought Honeybunch was a girl for the longest time, but he likes the name, brays when I toot the car horn. He likes shredded carrots and cabbage from the local sushi bar, and adores pinckled ginger, also, to cleanse his palate, I think. ….smile…

    Animals are a special love, demanding nothing, grateful for everything. Even though we know we’ll likely lose a pet before we die, it never, ever gets easy. …..Lady in Red

  26. @L-I-R – thanks for sharing. Chuckling over Atalanta’s drama queen antics. I’ve thought the same thing – never again – but they joy they bring to our lives makes it worth it. You obviously have an animal-lover’s heart. Love their names!

  27. All animals go to heaven, because none of them do evil. They do want God tells then to do. That can’t be evil, by definition.

  28. So sad to hear about Boobie. 🙁

    She was beautiful! I hope all of our fur babies have their own IOTWR group in heaven.


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