Oh No – RIP Rush Limbaugh



Rush Limbaugh, the monumentally influential media icon who transformed talk radio and politics in his decades behind the microphone, helping shape the modern-day Republican Party, died Wednesday at the age of 70 after a battle with lung cancer, his family announced.

Limbaugh’s wife, Kathryn, made the announcement on his radio show.

The radio icon learned he had Stage IV lung cancer in January 2020 and was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Trump at the State of the Union address days later. First lady Melania Trump then presented America’s highest civilian honor to Limbaugh in an emotional moment on the heels of his devastating cancer diagnosis.

“Rush Limbaugh: Thank you for your decades of tireless devotion to our country,” President Trump said during the address.

Limbaugh is considered one of the most influential media figures in American history and has played a consequential role in conservative politics since “The Rush Limbaugh Show” began in 1988. Perched behind his Golden EIB (Excellence in Broadcasting) Microphone, Limbaugh spent over three decades as arguably both the most beloved and polarizing person in American media.

The program that began 33 years ago on national syndication with only 56 radio stations grew to be the most listened-to radio show in the United States, airing on more than 600 stations, according to the show’s website. Up to 27 million people tuned in on a weekly basis and Limbaugh has lovingly referred to his passionate fan base as “Dittoheads,” as they would often say “ditto” when agreeing with the iconic radio host.

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  1. I’ve listened to Rush since 1989. Besides a mentor I viewed him as a friend. He is now the Obi Wan Kenobi of the freedom movement. RIP dear friend.

  2. Rest In Peace My Friend.
    We may of never met in person but we have been friends for well over 25 years.
    I miss you already.
    God Bless

  3. I am brokenhearted. I’ve been listening to Rush since 1990 and I knew I could always trust what he said. This is a sad, sad day for all of us left here on earth, but I am comforted knowing Rush is up in Heaven and out of pain.

  4. RUSH LIMBAUGH on loan from GOD! Thank God for Rush Limbaugh!
    Prayers for Kathryn and David and the whole nation of Dittoheads in mourning today! Rejoicing in Rush’s victory in Jesus Christ our Lord!

  5. I worked for WKBK radio in Keene, New Hampshire back in 1989 and we carried Rush’s program. I can remember being on the road with my radio tuned to his show for the entire three hours. I think that’s when I truly became a conservative. Thank you Rush.
    Now, how long till some lib POS starts celebrating the death?

  6. RIP Rush, you will be yuugely missed. You were the exception to the rule, and a living example of American Exceptionalism.

  7. I just turned it on to hear if he is back and now this 🙁

    At least he hopefully got the news about PT’s acquittal from the fake 2nd impeachment.

    Who is our leader now, Steve Bannon? Not that he ever could fill those shoes

  8. I started listening to him about 1990 and there hasn’t been any time at which I didn’t tune him in if I was not at work. This one hurts

  9. This is the last thing I should be concerned about but God help me– I won’t be able to stand witnessing the celebrations coming from the Left. Rest in peace, dear Rush. Your battle is over and you’re standing with Jesus.

  10. Just before launching his national show, Rush was a local talk show host here in Sacramento. Rio Linda is a small town just north of Sacramento, and his early comments about it were very funny. Nice people there, but would fit better in West Virginia.

    Anyway, it’s been a long ride with The Man, and his place in, and impact on, American history, was immense.
    I’ll miss him.

  11. So many of us are brokenhearted today but his legacy will live on. 😢

    Rush you turned my life around, I was on my way to liberalism but you made me realize I was a Conservative all along.

    While he was here on earth he did so much for the armed forces and charitys while doing the Lord’s will and work.

    May Kathryn and your family find comfort in knowing he is in heaven with the Lord.

    RIP Rush we will miss your voice coming our radios, we’ll love you always. 🕊️❤️🙏

  12. Not a fan really. Sad that he’s passed but couldn’t stand to listen to his program.
    Problem was the format, so many pauses and station breaks.
    He should have run for a seat at the government table, any position really. But he didn’t. Making too much money has its pitfalls. We needed Statesmen but are stuck with politicians. He got of the bus at the right stop.

  13. I have been dreading this day for more than a year.
    God bless this man, patriot, leader, citizen, guru.
    He was a daily companion to me for years. I learned to laugh at the left thanks to Rush.
    Welcome him Lord, for he was only on loan to us.
    May God bless Kathryn and family. Much comfort to EIB staff and all of the world who loved him.

  14. May Rush’s soul rest in the Peace and Arms of of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen. We thank God for allowing Rush to mentor us for all these many years.

  15. DAMN! I first heard Rush on Labor Day 1988 and have been listening to him ever since. He was as irreplaceable as Paul Harvey was in my opinion. RIP Rush and now you get to know the joy of the Lord Jesus Christ forever as your Lord and Savior. You will be sorely missed but not forgotten. May God bless his wife Kathryn and his brother David and the rest of his family and all the millions of dittoheads as well.

  16. Rest well, dear patriot. Go to your reward and enjoy the presence of our Lord.

    We will carry on here and in some small part of each patriot, you will reside.

  17. Anonymous, we can do without your Dwight Schrute impression right now.

    Mega MAGA dittos, Rush. I’m from the Class of 1990 in the never-ending Institute for Advanced Conservative Studies.

  18. RIP Rush.

    We all best gird ourselves for a torrent of even shittier behavior from the usual Hollywood cunts than normal over this.

  19. Rush’s recent absences for treatment and recovery were getting longer and longer. When he didn’t reappear the last 2 days, I began to fear the worst. And sadly, it was borne out this morning. A GIANT has passed from among us. RIP El Rushbo. Your influence on me will last forever.

  20. “I will miss him, his quick wit and his ability to communicate his analysis of each situation he addressed.”

    My earlier comment was addressed to the other anonymous, not you, friend.

  21. Based on his last communication that went out, I was thinking he was close to the end. It was one of those “I just wanted to say this” out of nowhere kind of statements.

    Like most people, I heard of Limbaugh back when he got a TV show for a hot minute in the early to mid90s. Didn’t care too much. I wasn’t as versed in enough topics to have a semi-educated opinion and I’ll admit to falling off as a listener.

    Didn’t tune in again until a morning in November 2008. Somehow, my country had elected some Shitcago communist named Barack Hussein Obama less than 8 years after September 11th. Where am I? Am I so out of touch with this country that I am alone in what I just saw.

    From that point on, I listened almost every day until Covid started.

    Get your screenshots ready because you’re about to watch one of the most sickening displays of grave dancing in this life or the next. It’s a testament to his effectiveness as a communicator and polemicist. A once in a lifetime talent who stood athwart the entire print, network and social media complex almost entirely alone for three decades.

    If they could have cancelled him, they would have. But they couldn’t cancel the truth.

  22. I started listen to Mr. Limbaugh in 1989. He just spoke to everthing I was beginning to believe as a novice conservative.

    Through the years, Rush became an anchor of reason for me. I depending on his clear philosophical approach to conservative ideology.
    Like a favorite uncle he kept me focused, motivated and amused.

    Rush was a wonderful, generous, brilliant, great entertainer and “lovable little fuzz ball” who I will deeply miss.
    Adjusting my daily routine of listening to Rush at noon will be difficult.

    May he rest in peace and his family be comforted by God’s grace and mercy.

  23. God speed Rush. It is sad that he has moved on, and it will be sadder with the celebrations and vitriol that will be forthcoming from the communist / left / liberal meadia organizations and people.

  24. Rush did what he was chosen by God to do. In that respect he was highly successful and highly respected.

    Hated and despised by mobs of ignorant libtards, but adored by millions of patriotic deplorables world wide!

    Your efforts will be carried-on in earnest.

    Prayers to your family.

    Rest In Peace, patriot.

  25. I’ve been a ditto head since 1992. I LOVE Rush.
    RIP Rush.
    You will be sorely missed and never replaced by anyone.

  26. Prayer and Thoughts to Bo Snerdly, Cookie, and all of his staff at the EIB. There will be a void in their lives. 🕊️❤️🙏 Again RIP our dear Rushbo.

  27. I feel like I just lost my best friend. Crying. May God receive Rush with everlasting love and affection and comfort Kathryn and his family.

  28. Tuned in by accident in 1989 while I was tarring my roof and heard The Pretenders. A caller was on the line while his wife was giving birth. He gave the video camera to his wife to film HIM because he had gotten through to Rush. I knew in that moment that this was a show unlike any other.
    The icing on the cake was that Rush was voicing all the opinions that I was personally realizing at that time.
    For the next 33 years it never disappointed. Fascinating, entertaining and inspiring.
    12 – 3pm is never going to be the same. RIP Rush.

  29. ^^^^^Brad FEBRUARY 17, 2021 AT 1:15 PM Yahoo news headline.. Rush Limbaugh, leader of bigoted conservative radio….blah, blah, blah

  30. Brad, et al. I refer you to my “Notes on Libs”:
    **You want people to die, or you’re happy that they did, simply because they have different political beliefs.**
    This tells us all we need to know about the opposition. I mean enemy.

  31. No one can cancel what you have done for America and the people of America.

    Rush you helped my Mother and I deepen not just our love but our friendship as well. Thank You.

  32. A smart, brave, honest man. 31 years ago he warned against liberal liars running as GOP. I agreed and did not vote liberal in ’00. Rusbo was totally right!


    I think the station was syndicated. First herd Rusbo in my car in Clovis in ’90. It would be yers before SoCal got him.

    How is the rice crop?

  33. A smart, brave, honest man. 21 years ago he warned against liberal liars running as GOP. I agreed and did not vote liberal in ’00. Rusbo was totally right!


    I think the station was syndicated. First herd Rusbo in my car in Clovis in ’90. It would be yers before SoCal got him.

    How is the rice crop?

  34. Hey leftist WSB Radio in Atlanta, your 12-3 cash cow is gone, and the rest of your schedule is amateur hour snooze. Your ratings are about to nosedive into the toilet.

    I hope you’re stupid enough to put Erick Erickson in that time slot. Do it, please. He showed his conniving nature after that stunt he pulled getting on air to fill in while Rush had a medical emergency. I refuse to turn on the radio today and listen to damn Rush with faint praise.

  35. Lo, There do I see my Father
    Lo, There do I see my Mother and
    My Brothers and my Sisters
    Lo, There do I see the line of my people back to the beginning
    Lo, They do call to me
    They bid me take my place among them in the halls of Valhalla
    Where thine enemies have been vanquished
    Where the brave shall live Forever
    Nor shall we mourn but rejoice for those that have died the glorious death.

  36. Since 1989 he has been my “friend”, albeit one way.
    This is a dark day for all us Ditto-heads.
    I’ll have to wear one of my “Rush” ties for the next fer days…
    R.I.P. Rush…

  37. A very personal loss. I was born and raised in the “Belly of the Beast”, Oakland/Berkeley CA. Rush has always there thru my kaleidoscope of a life journey. Ups and downs all and around, he brought me back to earth and helped me understand the world like no other. The best and most caring teacher I ever had. Thank you Rush. Prayers for your wife Kathryn and family.

  38. The only upside is Michael Medved’s following Rush piggybacking on Rush’s program will go away pronto. The guy gets on my nerves and if I have been listening to Rush earlier and get back in the truck and Medved comes on it ruins my day.

    There is absolutely no one host who can replace Rush.

  39. At the tail end of the Summer of 1990, I had just gotten out of the hospital after an absolutely harrowing near death experience and my Dad and I were hanging out in the backyard. He goes, “Hey son. There’s this guy on the radio I think you’d like.” I have been a steady listener of Rush ever since. Thank you so much Rush for EVERYTHING you gave of yourself and thank you Dad for introducing me to him. 🌞💔😭

  40. Milton Friedman, Bill Buckley, Ronald Reagan, Andrew Breitbart, and Rush, these are the conservative giants that shaped my world view and provided the building blocks for my own journey in seeking a coherent fact based principled efficient liberty centric philosophy in political thought.

    I knew it was coming, but still, like a somebody kicked me in the stomach, dark times indeed.

  41. Thank you, Rush. You made me the conservative woman I am today, and that influenced my husband and son. Your impact on conservatism will be felt for generations. I always wanted to meet you in person. It didn’t happen in this life, but it will in the next. I’m sure of it.

  42. …all men die.

    Not all men live.

    Rush did with his time much more than most would put in the effort to do, took risk, dealt with hatred, made mistakes, but on balance was a benefit to the Nation he lived in.

    Not many can say that.

    He will be remembered.

    Not many can say that either.

    We needn’t weep for Rush. He has his reward now, given him by the same Lord that gave him his talent. As long as he was right with God, he is at peace today, freed from the scourge of cancer that saps the strength, agonizes the body, and progressively destroys the will to live until there’s none left. I’ve seen long term cancer patients go both professionally and personally, and most times it seemed a blessing to the patient when they did, for corporal life was reduced to pain and loss, with victories measured by the half pound not lost and by not having to up the painkiller today. When you’re whole life becomes bounded by your decaying house of flesh, it seems not much life at all.

    No, Rush doesn’t need our prayers.

    But his family does.

    …while lingering cancer deaths like this are seldom unexpected, that doesn’t make it any easier for the person that prayed for a miracle right down to the last breath. Doesn’t make it any easier when the doctor turns and shakes his head. Doesn’t make it easier if the person is on life support and the doctor asks you if you want to end it, and you have to do what your dear one wanted you to do.

    Doesn’t make it any easier to say goodbye.

    …and one really nasty burden family gets at the end of a long term illness…is guilt. They feel bad to be relieved that their loved one is gone, even though it is gone beyond pain. They feel bad that they feel relieved that there will be no more sleepless nights trying to mitigate pain that won’t subside. Feel bad that they are no longer 100% required to care for someone who can’t care for themselves WHILE having to take care of ALL the family business without help, because the mortgage still needs to be paid.

    And some ask themselves if they could have prevented it.

    …also, there’s a lot to do when one dies. Arrange a funeral, pick out a box, pick out clothes for the deceased, settle affairs. One thing you don’t think about is the part when the funeral director asks the widow if she wants the medals taken off a soldier before he’s buried and after the viewing, if she wants them for a keepsake or not. I was there when the widow was asked this for a sailor of 27 years at sea, and it didn’t help her composure at ALL.

    …and before you say, “but Rush wasn’t military”, he DOES have a Medal of Freedom.

    Will he be buried with it?

    …only his widow and funeral director will know.

    It’s just something else to trip over in the raw grief as you commit someone’s remains to the ground.


    …North, Rush doesn’t need your prayers.

    …but his family does.

    …Dear Lord, please touch this family in their time of mourning. Give them the Blessed Assurance that he is with You, and remind them that they may be united again as long as they turn to You and live in You to the end. Please let them grieve as they need to, protect them from the evil that will be focused on them, and dry their tears when it’s time that they may go on with the life You would have them lead until it is time for they, too, to lay their trophies down at the last and be with You. Ease their burdens, lift their spirits, address their cares, make Your sign upon them for all to see Your peace triumphs against all.

    And we ask it in the merciful name of Jesus,

    God Bless,

  43. Found Rush in 1986 when stationed in Sacramento. Listened almost daily since then. My wife is just started reading the Rush Revere books to our grandsons. RIP

  44. I just realized. My Dad was the first to introduce me to Rush and he was the first to tell me that Rush had passed. 😭

  45. When they introduced his wife today, I knew he was gone. He helped make me the man I am today. RIP Rush. May you find joy in the face of The Savior and know that you will see the dawn once again. Psalm 130

  46. Sad day. Listener since 1990.

    Was so glad to hear someone speak up for US normies, and our values.

    I will miss him, as I miss Paul Harvey, but Rush was truly the savior of AM radio, and a transformative figure in American Radio.

    Rest in Peace, Rush. Our prayers are with you and your family.

  47. I’m pestering BFH for a painting/poster.

    Mount Rush & more.

    Rush, Breitbart, Reagan and Trump.

    Join me in the badgering. How many copies would you buy?

  48. “…Medved comes on it ruins my day.” (JDHasty)

    I always wondered if Rush disliked Medved as much as I do.

  49. I LOST a member of my family today. Rush IS FAMILY as far as so many of us are concerned. I tuned in today at 11am as usual on WLS AM Chicago and heard Katherine his wife announcing the horrible news..
    I spontaneous started sobbing.
    I had to pull the car over.
    Such a monumental American PATRIOT.
    I’ve been listening since Clinton was POTUS. Hardly EVER missed an episode!
    Rush kept SO many of us SANE living in blue states.
    I was never ALONE with Rush on my side!
    God bless you Rush.
    You will CONTINUE your lessons and influence on Conservatism FOREVER.
    RIP my IDOL!!!!

  50. You know I didn’t think it could get worse than 2020, now it’s 2021 and we still see the ignorant masks everywhere, now doubled and tripled, guinea pig shots are being injected into the sheep, major snowstorm, temps I’ve never seen in my lifetime, Trump isn’t in the WH, we have an illegitimate pResident, we can no longer deny our election system is rigged against us and now Rush is gone.

  51. @chicago deplorable.

    I was also driving when Katherine came on and made the dreaded announcement. That she maintained her composure mystifies me. That’s strength I don’t have.

    It is hard to cry and drive. I pulled over, too.

    Horrible news.

  52. PHenry
    FEBRUARY 17, 2021 AT 2:29 PM

    “Mount Rush & more.

    Rush, Breitbart, Reagan and Trump.”

    …I like the idea, but one thing I don’t like.

    Those other men have passed on, and our President Trump has not.

    We’ve lost enough, no need to tempt fate more…

  53. I tried to plan my day around Rush since he came on the radio.

    Im glad he shared his health news, to the extent he did. It mitigated my grief. Hope it did yours.

    Of our 2 titans, Trump remains with us, and he will go on, as strong as we did.

    Din’t merely stay strong – stay STRONGER: Joe and the ‘Ho – and their handler susan rice – have 4 years to go. Things will get a lot worse before they get better.

    “Do it for Rush” should be our new rallying cry.

  54. I knew it was coming but I was still surprised by how hard the news hit me. RIP Rush. Prayers to your loved ones.

  55. A friend gave me the book, “Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot.” I wasn’t much interested in politics back then and read it. Okay, funny. Whatever. I turned Rush on one random morning commute. He was funny and made me laugh. With headphones on, I continued listening in secret from my video game industry cubicle. Fast forward from the 90’s till now-He’s been a part of my work life-forever. As I got fed up with others, Hannity, Levin etc…and tuned them out-never Rush. I will certainly miss my patriotic insightful and funny work buddy. God bless you Rush.😢❤️🇺🇸

  56. I walked into my neighbors home yesterday afternoon to find him dead under his dining room table. He led a full life until old age took him at 93 years old.

    I had hoped and prayed that Rush would beat this cancer. RIP Rush, you were my brother from another mother since November 1988.

  57. Matt Walsh sums things up as well:

    Rush faced his mortality and impending death with great dignity. The ghouls celebrating his death will meet their own end eventually, and I’m betting they’ll have far less courage when their time comes.

    Kurt Schlichter:
    When they demand you give up your guns, remember how they delighted at the death of Rush.

    Nick Searcy:
    God bless Rush and his family of millions.

    There will never be another one. No one changed the world more than he did.

    I loved him more than I can say.

  58. I’m crying as though I had lost a family member. He was a lightning rod for the left. And he was amazing at explaining political motives. I’m in shock.

  59. PHenry FEBRUARY 17, 2021 AT 3:05 PM
    “Who should be #4? Washington works for me.”

    …Any of the Founders would be a good choice as they were all men who understood the need to deal with tyranny directly and the insidious way it creeps up on you, but it seems a little jarring to add to your modernization. Seems like we could come up with more contemporary folks who set an example for the younger generations to prove that, no, patriotism and heroism is still alive in OUR times and not just a relic of the past, but some are not as well-known as the rest of your proposition. Cpl.Pat Tillman, perhaps, who gave up an NFL career to serve in time of war, only to lose his life doing his duty; or Medal of Honor holder SSgt. Ronal Shurer who risked his life repeatedly as a Green Beret medic under “withering” fire and continued to serve his Country in the Secret Service until, like Rush, lung cancer claimed him; men who we’ve lost recently that prove that duty and valor still exist in our time, and that there are still those that love this Nation enough to risk all, and occasionally lose all, that the rest of us may be free…

    …just some suggestions. There are likely many others possible. It’s up to Fur in the end, if he wants to pursue this worthy idea…

  60. A deafening silence has covered the land with a dark veil. The great one has slipped into the heavens and we are left in stunned by our sadness.

    Rest in Peace, good Sir.

  61. I’m so addicted to Rush, I used to find myself tuning in on Weekends and then being so disappointed not to find him there.
    My favorite Rush talent was his ability to pull out related information from years/decades ago. If anyone could connect the dots, it was Rush Limbaugh.
    Rest In Peace, sir.

  62. Father God, please take Rush Limbaugh’s soul into Your loving arms and please comfort the pain, grief and sorrow of his loved ones, his colleagues and his millions of fans. Please inspire Rush’s many Leftist enemies to for once not make hateful, negative comments about this kind, loving person. I ask this in Jesus’ name, Amen.

  63. It’s funny, but as a long time Pretenders fan, I can’t hear the song, My city was gone, past the opening bars, without hearing Rush’s voice. Rush owned that song.


  64. Remember and support Kathryn Limbaugh, and support her like you supported Rush, because I don’t think just going to sit back and lay in the sun in Florida. She’s too entrepreneurial.

    Rush was really in love with her, and she appeared to be as loving in return.

    Remember and support Kathryn Limbaugh.

  65. I knew he must have been on his death bed over the last week and prepared for it but I didn’t feel devastated like a parent had died until today out on a walk and stated crying.

    From the Spatula City commercial to the rare insights his show was fun and wonderful and just what was needed. That was Rush.

  66. But I don’t want to give up Rush for Lent. –or for ever! I don’t think I have ever before cried at the loss of someone I never met. But for over 30 years Rush was our part-time coworker, showing up every afternoon to keep us informed, engaged, and amused. He was our small business’s motivational speaker, truth detector, and political advisor. It’s going to be very quiet around here for a while.

    Requiescat in pace, Rush.

    I hope Chrissy Hynde plays the funeral.

  67. Easy @Rick. Larry already knows what an insignificant individual he is. He lashes out in frustration because he knows he’s a limp dick leftist.

    Best to ignore him. People on the streets do that every day.

  68. A part of me died today. RIP Rush. Peace to your wife, family and staff. You’ve now entered the cosmos for eternity and we will all catch up someday. Godspeed.

  69. Nothing really prepares you for losing a loved one. That’s just who Rush was to me and I shed tears today, because I will miss him so much.

    It’s going to take a while to get used to not hearing Rush comment on the current idiocracy and evil the left have brought upon everyone -including their stupid tools.
    Nobody could put the left in their place better tha Rush Limbaugh.

    Rush was so talented, unique and special like everyone God creates. He won’t be replaced. A Great American patriot who accomplished great things, including charitable work.

    It’s like an era of grace has definitely passed with Rush completing his mission and leaving for eternity in Heaven, where I expect to finally meet him – A purveyor of truth.

    Prayfully, the Lord will continue to have mercy on us and bring on the scene gifted Godly men who will pick up the Patriotic Conservative banner of Integrity, Hope and Love, Rush Limbaugh carried for his country, family and audience all of his life.

    Thank you, Rush. We love you.

  70. I never much listened to him, because either I could never find the radio station he was on, or my commute did not coincide with his show.

    But I know the great effect he had on the conservative movement. You folks have said it all here. I have nothing to add, except You Will Not Be Forgotten, sir.

  71. i can’t imagine a day without rush, my only regret is that i didn’t start listening earlier in my life…he will be unimaginably missed…rest in peace mr. limbaugh

  72. My 2 favorite commercials of his were the Spatula City commercial and the Barnacle brothers commercial, they always made me laugh. And occasionally he used to play Beat the Reaper by Firesign Theater as well which would go well with all the Covid BS now.

  73. @Illustr8r
    My husband bought me a subscription to Rush 24/7 when Rush first started doing the podcasts. I was working deep in the bowels of a local newspaper (production side) and would listen to Rush on my MP3 player. It was great to know I was listening to the voice of freedom while in the belly of the beast!
    He truly was talent, on loan, from God!

  74. May the grace of our Lord be with Rush and may he give his family strength through such terrible loss and such difficult time.
    Rest in peace Rush, you will be missed.

  75. Your comment violates community standards. And you’re an asshole.
    When the Right can speak freely, so can you.
    Fuck off.

  76. I heard Kathryn live today while in my car waiting to be driven to the hospital. I am home now and have read all the comments above and have cried. I learned so much from him.

    RIP in God’s arms, Rush–you will be so missed. All my love to your beautiful wife, your family, your staff and may you all find the peace that passes all understanding.

  77. He was on from Noon til 3:00 on our local AM station. He will be sorely missed as will his many fill in hosts. I don’t know how WTIC 1080 will fill his time slot and find someone who will attract the audience he drew. That in it’s self is amazing as we live in the Dem/Commie State of Connecticut where Lib-Tards out number Conservatives.

    It appears that as with Job, we are being tested. We have lost an ally in our fight against Socialism and ignorance but don’t lose faith and give up.

    Rest in peace Rush, we are abetter people for having known you.

  78. Your comment violates community standards. And you’re an asshole.
    When the Right can speak freely, so can you.
    Fuck off.

  79. One more thing. Rush was the epitome of the American dream. He found his passion and made the most of it. RIP Rush. We love you.

  80. Mando’s just another classless Libtard. Tread lightly Mando. If you crawl out of your moms basement today and say that kinda shit out loud you’ll probably get your face packed.

  81. I’ve listened to Rush on and off since just about the beginning of his National show. Before that we had something called the “Fairness Doctrine” that basically hand-cuffed broadcasters from airing something this “controversial” without paying for equal time. Once the “Fairness Doctrine” (which of course was anything but) was repealed Rush’s show took off because broadcasters didn’t have to fear wasting precious air time on some worthless equal-time response that no one would listen to!! Now you see why they want to bring back this so-called “Fairness” act. It is simply another form of thought control. So if anything, Rush has been a shining testimonial to Free Speech!
    God Bless you Sir! May Heaven be blessed with your voice.

  82. I dreaded this day, kept praying for a miracle… but then again he was over 60 and had stage 4 lung cancer.

    It’s kinda amazing he made it over a year past his diagnosis. So thank God for that, and now Rush is in the hands of his heavenly Father, free of pain and disease so that is a comfort.

    Um. I am honestly quite upset. Rush Limbaugh meant so much to not just the conservative base but to my mom and dad, he actually really was a lot like my dad too. So maybe I’m taking this a bit too personally?

    I dunno. It’s upsetting.
    Just stay away from social media, the legitimately demonicaly oppressed are having a huge celebration and cursing and damning Rush. It’s unsettling how very little they value the sanctity of death.

  83. Oh well, it’s sad, but we were bound to be infected with the vile hate from the vile left.

    Thanks Mando, for being the one to do it. You can now retreat back to your Mommy’s basement and resume your video game. Maybe you’ll get lucky and get in on a game that your China boy Joe Beideng is playing too.

  84. Oh, Warren, are you Mando in a different wrapper, or are you really another libtroll? Whoever you are you’re all pathetic.

  85. @chuffed-beyond-words: “It’s unsettling how very little they value the sanctity of death.”

    It’s ironic that Rush’s theme early on in his career, spoke extensively about the horrors of abortion. He often played music/graphic sounds of a fetus being sucked out and dumped into a sink. Remember those skits? Then he ragged on the left and how they approve of this heinous crime. It was Rush, a man, a male, that was the most spoken out person around on abortion. You would never hear the likes of any Democrat speak against abortions–male or female. That’s why the left hates him, “it’s unsettling how very little they value the sanctity of death.” There’s plenty of them that will not enjoy what Rush is enjoying right now. Job well done Rush.

  86. I’ll say the same thing about Rush that I said about my Dad when he passed (a great WWII Gen conservative mind, BTW)

    He was released from his cancer ridden body

  87. Rush was one of the first to smoke out the psychopathic Left (for me at least)

    I recall how they wanted to drive Rush from the airwaves because he became addicted to pain killers

    As if he had a duty to endure endless, agonizing stabbing back pain; like you heroic wine and cheese eaters do …. hypocritical scum

  88. God gave Rush and Trump to us to wake us up… But still we sit as spoiled, lazy brat cowards…Sons and Daughters of the “Greatest Generation”, who went through Hell for their sons and daughters.

    Yet, still, we sit in front of our childhood TV, singing Micky Mouse songs, and awaiting for the next Cartoon “Savior” to save us from our weakened generation…..WHY??? Because he loves YOU….Micky Mouse, Micky Mouse. Forever let us hold him Very High, High, High, HIGH!!!



  89. Mando and Warren encapsulate your typical liberal dopes; classless, vile and lacking even the semblance of decorum and manners.

    Entering a forum where people are mourning and commiserating a terrible loss, yet they can’t help themselves, and surrender propriety to feed their rotten failing ideology.

    Thanks for reminding the rest of us why you losers deserve nothing but scorn and derision.

  90. YOU ALL will laugh for the REST of the night!!

    How ’bout laughin for the rest of the century!
    Dude – That shit is timeless!!

  91. @Mando – hey…there…nice to meet you…well not really.

    This is an Irish Wake you prick.

    So I can say this:


    We could take it to the bar and not disrepect the dead and ‘sort things out there…’


  92. “And you’re an asshole.”

    Wowww, that’s in the policy huh?



    We need to toss the Mando type back in the gutter where it crawled from…

  93. 🎼 How many men does a Mando do, how many men has Mando blew 🎵
    How many men will Mando lay….how many men make Mando gay….

    2nd verse same as the first…..

  94. @Mando / Fur –

    “…Your comment violates community standards. And you’re an asshole.
    When the Right can speak freely, so can you.
    Fuck off…”

    Thanks BFH, for putting him where he belongs, in a an irrelevant memory hole.

  95. And right on queue that God forsaken slob Hannity was making it all about himself today. The damnable fool doesn’t have enough sense to pour piss out of a boot if the instructions were written on the heel or enough class than to not try and make even this about him.

  96. @ Goldenfoxx FEBRUARY 17, 2021 AT 7:46 PM

    I believe you are mistaking that with Michael Medved’s “caller abortion” sound effect he used to play when he terminated a caller he disagreed with.

  97. I will always love Rush’s sense of humor.
    There was a black woman Texas congress critter that would call him “Russ Limbo.”
    He loved that kind of stuff and repeated it and I laughed every time.

  98. I discovered Rush within the first 2 weeks of “America Held Hostage “ (the Clinton administration). He’s been my lunch date ever since and I rarely missed an hour of his show. Nothing gives me more pride than making an observation then hearing Rush say the same thing the next day. What an amazing teacher, I bet his dad bid so proud of his Medal of Honor. Will miss that old friend.

  99. WAIT A SECOND!!!!!!

    Why not have PRESIDENT TRUMP take over for Rush?

    Why not? Dudes not busy right now….open slot…seems like a match made in destiny.

  100. Oh fur will be along shortly I figure.

    Just ignore fucky.

    In the meantime, lets work on getting Trump to take over Rushs show.

  101. You know Chef, that would EXPLODE so many heads!
    President Trump would do well but it would take a while to get his sea legs.
    I think Trump would do some guest hosting first.
    I am all for that!

  102. Just keep everything the same except have Trump on the mic instead of Rush. Trump can talk for 3 hours and keep it interesting.

    Just……just leave Saint Buckley alone. Ain’t no bass in the firing line theme.

  103. Trump is a good idea, but I would start at 1 day a week. It takes a genuine pro to do 3 hours a day, 5 days a week. Trump is really good, but 5 days a week would be overexposure and ultimately do more harm than good.

  104. I still laugh whenever I hear Slim Whitman sing “Una Paloma Blanca” or Andy Williams singing “Born Free”. Started listening to Rush in late 89, when I was going thru a divorce. His humor helped me through a rough patch. I miss him already.

  105. Mando and JoseM are the same person.
    I’m not sure what his obsession with illegal sex involving underaged male goats is about, but he better go peddle that shit on Politico where it belongs. lol

  106. Days like to today make me realize all that money on those online self help tapes regarding my temper I’ve been spending are a waste. Rough day for us all.

  107. Our Nation’s Flag should be at half mast for the next week.

    They won’t be because we have an un-elected sack of dog shit at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue with his fake doctor bitch wife and ignorant fool VP all sitting behind barbed wire protected by men WHO HATE THEIR FUCKING GUTS!

  108. @Brad
    FEBRUARY 17, 2021 AT 11:20 PM
    “Tony R

    Did you ever hear his Broke Back Mountain routine about Lindsey and Mcshitstain. Priceless.”

    Yup. Comedy gold.

  109. Brad, I saw the joke, and the punch line is telling us it’s a joke. Good stuff, and yes not a good day. I’ve never felt so bad about a man passing, that I’d never met before. Like millions of us he was like a part of our extended family.

  110. Charlie WalksonWater
    FEBRUARY 17, 2021 AT 3:31 PM
    “I walked into my neighbors home yesterday afternoon to find him dead under his dining room table.”

    …that is a very understated mention of what must have been a very bad experience for you, CWW. I know what death outside of Hollywood can look like and how it can affect those who discover it, even when they have no connection to the departed. And your discovering him in his house suggests you had a connection.

    I’ll be saying a prayer for that man’s family. I don’t know him, but God does.

    I’ll be saying a prayer for you too, CWW. Death is rarely pleasant or noble, and the house can look shabby indeed when the spirit has fled. What’s seen cannot be unseen, but may the Lord ease your mind and blur your memories as well, so you remember your freind in life and not in death.

    God bless you CWW.

  111. I’ve been thinking, his last appearance I think was February 2nd. He did a three hour show just 2 weeks before succumbing to lung cancer. It must have taken everything he had to do his last weeks of shows. He was amazing!

  112. Rest In Peace Rush! Your wisdom will live on in the hearts and minds of true American patriots. You had a lot of friends here and we will never forget you! One of a kind. On loan from God, you are home now great man. We were lucky to have you!


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