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Oh, the pain! Hillary is losing black support

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A new poll from Suffolk University and USA Today, though, suggests a big shift among African Americans that could undermine that confidence. We have to note up front that this is one poll, with large margins of error on black responses. That said, the shift is surprising.

11 Comments on Oh, the pain! Hillary is losing black support

  1. 50%+ percent favors Obama and Biden. We’re still fucked.

    Favorability ratings:
    Biden 51.2%
    Obama 50.9%

    Unfavorability ratings:
    Trump 60.7%
    Hillary 51.4%

  2. The real question is whether the Dem nominee can keep the minority vote – blacks, latinos and other. I think we will see significant movement to GOP support, the question is how much.

  3. I thought it read, back support.
    Now arch support would make sense.

  4. Giiiiirl… All she need to do is belt out some Whitney Houston songs & shit, and the black folk be lovin’ them some Hill’ray agin.

  5. Polls are one of a liars favorite tools. I never believe them anymore.

  6. That Hilldabeest will belt out anything to win, including
    I luvs me some cock!…… lying lesbian ….

  7. I guess that fake southern drawl is no longer working. Perhaps if Hillary learned to speak Jive.

  8. Needs to post Fecebook pics eatin’ watermelon while tap-dancing, drinkin’ Thunderbird wine or Colt 45 malt liquor etc.

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